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6.5 creedmoor 1k shooting


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So here's my build plan let me know what you guys think. Any suggestions are welcome. Using this purely as a paper puncher at 600-1k or more

Mega maten set comes with bolt catch release and takedown/pivot pins.

Jp 22" 1-8 twist 6.5 creedmoor supermatch barrel kit s.s.

Kit includes

Heat sink

Enhanced bolt

Adjustable gas block low pro

Recoil eliminator

Troy TRX rail 13.8"

Jp lmos

Jp 308 silent capture spring

Dpms receiver ext buffer tube a1/a2

Magpul prs stock and a monopod

Jard 1.5 adjustable trigger

Mega grip

Bad cass selector

Lpk-unsure what to do here


Scope-not sure yet, been researching a lot though.

Let me know if I have screwed up somewhere.

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"Adjustable gas block high profile" may be a mistake (the high profile part) with the 13.8" rail. its usually a low profile gas block that sits under the handguard instead.

this one


is pretty nice, as the adjustment screw is on the front side so although it may take a longer allen wrench to reach it, you won't have to worry about whether it meets up with some of the ventilation holes, or have to drill the handguard to get to it.

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Extremely happy! It's recoil is very light thanks to the JP brake and it's scary accurate. Truly a unique rifle. The ambi raptor handle is a must because the mega handle is garbage. getting ahold of the tiny handle with the powerful AR10 buffer spring is a challenge with the scope in the way.

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I have that scope in 4-16x50mm, FFP, and MOA clicks.


I like it better than my 1st Gen Leupold Longrange Tactical.  Clarity is just as good but with FFP and an illuminated ranging reticle, adjustable low enough to be used with night vision.


Tested the reticle out in the darkest room we have at night…took several minutes before my eyes adjusted to see the reticle at the 3 and 2 settings.


An unconditional lifetime warranty that I haven't had to test.


Go for it!


I must say though, I got mine through Camera Land in NYC, opened but never mounted and still fully warrantied, for $753 shipped.

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It's a slow process but it's progress none the less.

What's on it

Mega maten set

Jp 6.5 creedmoor 22"barrel

Jp enhanced bolt

Jp lmos carrier

Trx alpha rail 13.8"

Prs stock


What's next to get

Kns anti rotate pins

Timney ar10 trigger

Mega emblem hogue grip

Bad cass selector

Syrac ord. gen 2 adjustable gas block and a gas tube

Jp Silent captured buffer spring

Mag catch

Gg and g bipod

Glass will eventually be a a bushnell elite tactical ers 3.5x21 , but in the short term I'm going to put a vortex viper pst ffp 6x24 ebr2 on it. After I finish this build I'm building a Grendel and that gun will wear the vortex and the creedmoor will wear the bushnell.



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