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.300 Win Mag AR receivers


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So we've got the 300 WIN MAG startin to pop up all over, and many manufacturers jumping on the 308 platform bandwagon




Bad News





Now we've got DPMS' new .308 GII platform as well.  Do you think we'll move towards standardization like the AR15 platform?  Which will take the lead?  And when do you think we'll see 300 WIN MAG stripped receivers and parts available so we can build them ourselves (and not pay a ridiculous $6K for an AR patterned rifle)?


Just thought I'd start the discussion...

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I gotta agree with bother Rene on this. I don't see a standard coming as long as there are hard-asses (like me) with the Armalite 10B platform. They did (Armalite) invent the damn platform (Stoner/Fairchild/Armalite that is). But the rest of the industry has adopted the SR25/DPMS patterned rifles. Unless the military outright adopts the platform "officially", there's always going to be the multiple "flavors" of the platform.


Until then. I'll be happy with the equipment I have (knowing that deep down I make all of you guys jealous). <laughs>  And just stockpile replacement parts for them.

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I want a nemo 300winny bad if cattle prices stay up the next couple years im ordering one.! My next 308 build is going to be a nemo matched set.

Would be great to see some stripped receivers from these guys. Think it will be a year or two before we see them. IMO

300wm carbine holyshit now that would make some noise! Imagine clearing rooms with a 300wm fn nuts. Over penetration could be an issue

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Rssquared, it seems that the MPA 300 WINMAG is based on AR10 Armalite parts. I sure hope we can get decent priced receivers in the not so distant future. Id love to build/modify a lightweight 14.5" version of that DPMS GII as well! It will be interesting to see if that concept catches on and if DPMS licenses it. It could set a new standard.

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  Do you think we'll move towards standardization like the AR15 platform? 

Never.  There will never be a TDP on the .308 AR rifles.  Know why?  Demand.  The entire military force - all branches - moved to the M16.  It became the PRIMARY weapon of all services, in a time of war.  As that refined, there needed to be a standard, so gunsmiths didn't need to be repairing rifles  -unit armorers could diagnose and replace interchangeable parts.  Interchangeable, because there is a standard.


The need for 308 ARs is NOT widespread.  Until such a time comes, there won't be an established standard. 

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Good points.  It seems the missions continue to dictate the tools, for the elite, anyway.  As, many SF units have embraced the SCAR Heavy (.308).  Since insurgents have realized they can't win in CQB, they've restored to mortaring from a distance that makes 5.56 impractical.  

Perhaps DPMS' GII will pave the way, or maybe we'll start to see more modular platforms like Colt's Modular 901?

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Noreen Firearms looks like they are on a pretty good track because they are offering a number of calibers besides .300 WM.  Like D.R.D, I would love to see reciever sets available so I could build an AR in 7mm Rem Magnum...  I already load and shoot it out of a Ruger #1, why not an AR?  I don't have anything in .300 WM.  Yet.

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Lol! It'd probably knock you over too!

I spoke with Miller Precision, real nice people. They have no intentions of making receivers available since only three companies make 300WMARs, they are all different, and all have a lot of other proprietary parts. So, unless DPMS makes a receiver like the GII, that accepts lots of AR15 parts, i doubt it will happen for quite a while. Its nice that military snipers are using more 300WM platforms on bolt/modular rifles....that may open the door for a semi 300WMAR to enter the game.

Btw, love Blue Man Group...been to the show 3 times!

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