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Need some AR15 troubleshooting help


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Sometimes when customers return things to Shadow Ops, I get to keep them, free. Among the stuff lately has been a black nitride BCG. Its issue reported was failure to eject. I played with it, and the extractor is really really stiff, virtually impossible to make move at all with a finger. in a upper with no lower attached, an empty shell would get picked up by the extractor, but never released

so ideas? do I try to replace the springs / rubber piece? or is it more likely something else? replace the entire extractor?


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Bet money ;the tolarances of the coating are interfearing.

(is too thick)

I would replace the extractor with a stock type part and put new stock ejector and spring in it.

Plain Jane DPMS parts, used would be better because it would be a known fact that it works.

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Easy, PM me your address. I have at least 100 of those springs and rubber pieces.

Nitride doesn't add mass to metal. It's a treatment, similar to stainless. If you want to, give the edges of the extractor a rub down with some light sanding or steel wool. Not enough to remove material, but just enough to take off any tight edges.

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Rob , you're thinking the same as me. But I didn't want to suggest using sandpaper or emery cloth and a file.

He won't learn the intricacies until he gets intimate with it. If he breaks it, no big deal, he was planning on getting another one anyways.

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yeah, with it being free in the first place, if I end up having to spend the $15 for a new extractor, its not a big deal. I think I have some emory cloth out in the garage, that would probably work decently. except...with the pin out, there doesn't seem to be any binding anywhere when I push it down. even with a slightly smaller diameter pin punch pushed in, its still hard to budge the extractor, unlike on the other BCGs I've handled. Could the spring be too strong?

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a rubber o-ring around the spring, removing it feels no different. I don't think there are any d rings in that area, I have it all apart and didn't see one. What I did notice though is that the spring almost doesn't compress at all, with or without the o-ring, even out of the carrier...


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You said you used a smaller pin , did you try to manipulate the extractor in the bolt body with out a spring & o-ring ? That would tell you if it was a fitment problem with the extractor in the bolt or the spring set up .

it was loose and moved fine without the spring. Seems to be in working order now, but I still need to make it to the range. Daylight savings time hurt me yesterday :)

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