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Pic of 300 blk in 5.56 barrel


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Well that answered the question on the other thread... It fits !



It fits if the projectile gets set back into the case.


I was wondering about that with a supersonic load - even at 16.5 grains, that fills that little case up pretty good, and I don't know if you could set the bullet back enough to get the thing to go off.  Didn't even consider the amount of "unused case" in a subsonic load.  Shibi, how much powder is going into the subs?

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  If you set the bullet completely into the case or close to it & may depend on bullet /powder to have enough room to set it back far enough . I just tried to chamber a 125gr. 300 BLK into a 5.56 chamber & there is no way it will chamber . The H110 I'm using would not let it set back into the case any way . The BCG was about a 1/2 " out from seating , an empty case will lock the BCG & you can drop the firing pin , but case mouth was deformed a little .

  Now the Sub's may be different , another reason I like the lighter ,faster , stronger bullets  :auto:

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^^^  That's exactly what I thought would happen - with a supersonic round, you've got enough powder in that small case that you can't set the bullet back far enough to close the bolt.  Which is necessary to render the firing pin in a position to contact the primer.

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