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So I stumbled into the LGS today.....


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Just carry it in the front like I do, no one even notices.


LOL.... I understand that the mag is jamtastic, and by my experience with Pro-Mag's 308 mag I'm not gonna push that.  I'll stick to a 15 or 20. :D


Nice! How low did you get to go?


MK25, correct?


Yep, MK25. Talked them down to $900 OTD. It was the best deal I could find in town.


I was looking around for a P220 or P227 but I guess that's for later. :D

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I've got one of those 20 rounders for my xd 40 mine feeds fine, buddy has one that don't, think the spring goes to poop quick.


Mec-Gar or Sig mags only. I've also heard some bad feedback on early Checkmate mags for Sig, but supposedly they are now an OEM for Sig (just like Mec-Gar) and the problems magically went away. LOL   <dontknow>

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I've been running a used to me 226, which I R&Rd myself after taking their Armorer's course, IIRC there's a guy selling off a bunch of his +2 basebads on a forum nearby. I'll shoot you a link if you're interested. If I had to keep only one 9mm, and the wife was gonna hoard the rest (she does), the 226 is GTG. You'll love it. 

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