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POLL On Armed Military


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Well, brother, that's the whole "military midset" taking it's course.  The US military is badass enough to defend the nation, OVERSEAS.  $hit yeah, they can have weapons, loaded, ready to go, and they can USE THEM - sometimes.  Depends on what the enemy does first, though...


However, we TRUST them to defend this nation, with high-power rifles and pistols - and recoilless rifles, rockets, fucking tanks, etc - "over there."


We even "rate" them.  Some are just "Marksman," and yet others are "Sharpshooters."  The BEST ones are "Experts!" 


At ANY RATE, they have FAR more firearms instruction, training, and proficiency than most local-level law enforcement agents do, all things being equal. Trust me on that - the military is all about redundant instruction.  Drill, drill, drill, train, train, train, practice, practice, practice...  NOW you get your first live round!  :banana:


However, they can't pack on post...


That makes NO fucking sense, never did to me, and it still doesn't.


With a DD214, being in AZ, I can send that in with a request for a CCW, and that poop is granted - being a military veteran, I've far surpassed any level of instruction that I'd receive in a CCW class - According to the state.  Reality, for some service members - they've had NO pistol instruction, ever.  However, they are recognized for the threat awareness portion of their military training. Makes sense sometimes, other times not so much.  Should depend on the military experience of the individual, instead of "blanket military experience." 


Packing On Post  - I'll coin the acronym...  POP.  :banana:   SHOULD BE ALLOWED. 


Man, I can tell stories about gang-bangin' motherfuckers that infiltrated the Army in the late 80's, at Fort Ord, CA.  Bloods and Crips.  They came in for the "military training," received it, and were just THUGS in the armed service.  They came in to do their time, but take back their experience and training level right back to the hood.  They migrated up the west coast, and the $hit has spread ever since.


Combine the hazards you now have ON POST, amongst other Soldiers, with the threat that someone will just snap...  you have a conundrum.  You relaly want all those people armed?!...  Well, yes, and no.  The more that are armed will quell a situation VERY QUICKLY.  But, then everyone is armed, and you've still got some nutjobs and gang-bangers to sort through - and they're armed...


I see the military standpoint on this, for those reasons.

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Just saw a debate between a Col Jacobs, MOH recipent, and Lott who was saying we need to let those who will be armed on bases.


I don't care what your service record is…when you sound like a mayor of Chicago, "We don't need everyone armed on our bases," you're a POS.



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