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Hunting and Shooting from this weekend (graphic)


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The first picture in post #3 of this thread has something that looks odd to me. There's a guy shooting off of a table. It looks like he has a scope mounted on top of a scope. What's up with that?

Looks to be the spotting scope prolly just to the other side of the rifle

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Was the hide worth keeping? I've never really seen a good yote hide in Cali. Most of the time they are covered in fleas and ticks, with large patches of hair missing. Damn things are closer to the rat family than the dog family.


CO, MT, ID, WY and UT... Those are some nice yote hides. Especially the winter coats. There's a pretty big trade value for them too! I tried to buy a yote jacket once, but the damn thing ended up being like $3k. Same guy had a buffalo coat for $3k also... That one was so nice I was actually contemplating it.

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That's the yote I'm used to!!!

Rob we were getting 40$ a pelt this winter, if a yote here looked like that it would be seriously sick

Like our previous discussions, the Eastern coyotes are now pretty much wolf/coyote hybrids, plus cold weather selects for larger body size among animals. By the way Bubba, looks like a fun weekend, congrats, glad you had a good time. Snow and rain here, staying close to the fireplace.
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Rob we were getting 40$ a pelt this winter, if a yote here looked like that it would be seriously sick

Nope. Not here. Cali yotes are rarely over 45 lbs. We don't have many wild, or free range, pack animals for the coyotes to pick off the sick and young. Once in a while they'll grab a new calf on a ranch, but they mainly live off scavenging. Ranchers out here cull the yote population on their property pretty regularly. We just don't have a healthy habitat for a pack carnivore.

^+1 I can dig the Rollin hills !!! Nice shot! No .50 bmg ;)

He's right Bubba. It's gotta happen... on video! Edited by Robocop1051
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Oh and speaking of. Apparently the scope on the 50 is fine. The issue I had was that the mounts I was using were a weaver style on a tinny rail. Changed mounts and cranked em down. Thing shot perfect out to 800. No just need a different scope bc a hunting reticle at distance is a PITA on a 50 lol. Doubt I would use 50 on coyote

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