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dedicated 22 upper


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I have a lower ready to go for my son. I am looking for a good deal on a dedicated 22 upper for my 15 ur. Old son. He used to enjoy rangeday with dad. Not too long ago he shot my. .243 bolt action with scope. He didn't have enough eye relief and wham scope got him. Now I'm thinking hes intimidated and I'm having a hard time getting him to go to the range with dad. So I'm thinking he needs to stick with a 22 for a while he needs a 22 anyways. He has a 20 gauge he occasionally shoots. I should have started with a 22 for him. I remember the thousands of 22 rounds I shot while growing up. I think that's a big part of why I am who I am today.

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Its been running about .08 a round around here. You can find it but you have to look. Seems like I'm always looking. I've got about 1000 RDS. Put back .I don't think you can ever have enough ammo these days the way things are going. My rule of thumb on ammo is I try not to shoot half of what I pick up. Ruger 10-22 good choice ive got one. But I'm very fond of ar style firearms. They feel more natural than about everything else I've had in my hands.

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   My wife and I have 2 10/22 nd a S&W AR15-22.   going to get another 10/22 next month.

   Both in the safe are blue steel and wood, going to get a stainless and plastic stock.   Was thinking about the new take down 10/22,  or  A Mag  Research carbon fiber bbl one.

   The S&W hasent had a bobble, but its so light that I'm afraid I'll break it/LOL

   I'v got almost 10,000 rounds of various 22's on hand, and try not to go below 8,000.   But a couple of times in the last few years I was down to  my mim of  5 ,000 rounds.   Wife and I try to get to the range twice a week, but are averaging about 1 and a half, right now.   Shoot at least 150 rounds each when we go.  in addition to whatever else we shoot that day.



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I built a custom dedicated .22lr using TACCOM3G parts. It's a great rifle. The only reason I didn't buy their complete rifle is because I wanted to use a matching MAG Tactical magnesium upper and the MI keymod rail.... There should be an entire thread in it here somewhere. I gave it to my wife as a valentine's gift.

Honestly, I'd build the kid a regular .223 and then invest in a .22lr conversion. Most of the "dedicated" uppers use the same conversion kit, with some modifications.

Also, invest is a few cans of "Gun Scrubber". I have a few thousand through mine now. That damned .22lr is a dirty little bastard. After a few hundred rounds, I start to get a few FTF's. Just squirt that SOB down, shake the shiit out of it, and get back to shooting.

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