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DPMS LR308 / Remngton R-25 Extraction Issues

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Before I even begin I know there are a number of posts about this.


I have a Remington R-25 hat has been a project for sometime now and I have done the following.


Rainier Arms 20" Match Barrel

PRI Adjustable Gas Block

SOCOM 7.62 Muzzle Brake

Polished and adjusted trigger

Bravo Company enhanced extractor spring kit



I have taken it out to the range a few times and it is not cycling correctly. It is accurate as I could expect shooting dime size groups at 100 yds but for the life of me I can not get it to feed multiple rounds. 


It will pull the case out of the chamber and drops it on the magazine during most shots, then on occassion it will eject it to the 4 o'clock position. I have a video posted on Youtube of the issue.



I feel the next step is replacing the extractor. Any help would be grealty appreciated.



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Yes the ejector creates even pressure when trying to place a round or empty case into the bolt face. which leads me to be that it is the extractor.


I have adjusted the gas block to the point it locks back on an empty magazine and additonal 1/4 turn to possibly eliminate the over gassing issue.

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Mags are not dropping in the video it is the same shot ran 3x's (Fully Speed, 50% Speed, and 10% Speed) The issue is the round is not ejecting and seems to lose extractor engagement so it does not get to eject correctly.




I have replaced the extractor spring with a Bravo Company and used the insert and o-ring. I will break it down ths evening and check the spring.

(and may sound crazy but what are you refering to as aD-Ring)

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That is the main suspect at this point, so I think I might just invest in a JP Engineering "Enhanced Extractor" and possibly their "Enhanced Buffer" and spring pack to tune the recoil a little more so to remove any doubt it is over gased.


All the ideas are much appreciated.

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aha! unless I'm taking crazy pills, you need a 308 specific spring. the AR15 spring won't cut it. the o ring is probably the only reason you have any tension at all. id try again with a fresh 308 extractor spring before I spent money on major upgrades.

few Weeks ago a friends AR15 was doing that same thing. the extractor spring looked ok, but must have had a tiny crack. swapped with a new one and ran perfect again.

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Already done swapped the original spring back and put an o-ring on and noticed a considerable difference in tension but that being said I will order another DPMS extractor and spring for the spare parts box.


I have a lot of experience with AR-15's and built many but this .308 world is so much the same but yet so very different and I am learning all over again.


Thanks for the help.

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JumpMaster, huh?  How many jumps?  <thumbsup>


88 here, 77 made it to my jump log.  56 of those were with a ruck, because it's gay to jump and not get the ruck out the door...  <lmao>


Hollywood jumpers are gay.  :tfg:

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 Yes, failure to eject , appears to be jumping off the extractor to me , extractor should be pulling fired case outward , into ejection port. Could also be bolt bounce , but reads he has an adj. gas block & if adj. correctly , it would eliminate over gassing .


  I don't think any of my 308 bolts have anything ,but the spring with the extractor . Now the Shadow Ops one might , I have a photo of it disassembled & will check.


It looks like it has the rubber nipple inside the spring , but thats it .


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  • 4 weeks later...

So it has been awhile since I had been able to ge to the range and yesterday I did just that.


Here is what I have done and now the rifle runs like a champ.

First, I replaced the extractor with a JP Enterprises unit and readjusted the gasblock replaced the buffer spring with a factory spring and also installed a KynShot Buffer. Rifle cycled and ejected as it should but would not lock on empty magazine.


Second, adjusted the gas block from scratch again and it still would not lock on empty mag.


Third, Removed the KynShot buffer and replaced it with a Armalite buffer 1.5oz heavier than the factory and presto it locked on an empty, now readjusted the gasblock and it cycled 150 rounds no failures keeping a consistant 1/2" group at 100yds.


No I am a happy camper and looking forward to completeing my build with a forearm, trigger swap and Cerakote.


Thanks all for the help and advise.

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