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Jerk Parent


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She's another one of those parents that says something I fricking HATE to hear "oh, that's just how kids ARE nowadays".

That's when I get pissed and say "no, that's how piss-poor parents LET their kids be nowadays"...

Yea right!! Going back to our conversation about ice fishing in a way. I was up on and island on Lake Superior for a wedding Memorial Day weekend. There were ice burgs on the lake still water temp not much over 40, I get back to the hotel and look out my room and here's a 10 year old kid 20' off shore 20' off a pier he was on stranded. One of the guys in the wedding was thinking about swiming out and getting him when the boys mother just laughed and said "boys will be boys?!?" I looked at her and said do you realize one of two things are going to happen if he falls in, either the ice will close in on him and he will be stuck under it and drown or after about 30sec of him being in 35-40* water his muscle will tense up and he again will drown. She just looked at me like the idiot she was and pretended it was ok.......he did end up making it to shore fine but it was a great example of today's piss poor parenting

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