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leather vs kydeks iwb holster


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Mernickle Holsters... you won't regret it.

Too bad you didn't say something earlier. I was just talking to Bob Mernickle at the Reno Gun Show yesterday. I bought my wife two holsters for her new P938 (IWB & OWB).

I have 3 or 4 of his holsters already. From my 5" 1911 to my Derringer. Great leather.

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Here's some of mine. This is my EDC. All my leather (including the belt) is made by Bob Mernickle, in the mahogany red/brown color.

2:00/IWB = Walther PPK/s .380

4:00/OWB = Springfield TRP Operator .45ACP

8:00 = Dual 1911 mags. CMC Power+ 10

10:00/OWB = Maverick .357Mag Derringer (Xdraw)




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Ah, the lead time is a few weeks? Thanks again


They have a LOT of holsters on hand. If they have it, you'll get the holster in a few days. If they have to make it from scratch, they ask you be patient for up to 5 weeks. I don't think I've ever waited that long. The only one I special ordered was for my TRP Operator, due to the full length rail. I still only waited 3 or 4 weeks. The Derringer, Double Mag holder and Glock G17 were all immediate.

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I'm not kidding you guys, when I met Rob the first time (which is a funny story all by itself...  <lmao>), he had all that stuff on.  ALL OF IT.



He says, "what are you carrying?"  At the time, I have the 4" 1911 with 8rd mag and one in the chamber, plus a 10rd spare mag.  I ask him, "What are YOU carrying?"


It was like a cartoon - he kept pulling out more and more stuff...  <laughs>


Not long after that trip, I picked up the XD45, 13rd mag and one in the chamber, with two 15rd mags as spares.  44 rounds of .45 ACP on me - just so I could feel "adequate" if he showed up again...  :eek: <lmao>



Love, ya, brother!  :happydrunks:

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