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  1. I saw these at the gun show a couple of weeks ago and made note of the name so I would never buy from them when prices get back to normal. 525 Winchester for $240 They had other brands at similar prices at the show.
  2. I have a Canon SX130IS and love it for everyday use. It is not necessarily the quickest focusing, but it was about $250 a couple of years ago. Here are a couple of pictures I took in CO about 2 years ago. Both are taken from the same spot. The first one is without zoom. If you notice the water in the lower left part, the second picture is the edge of that water on maximum zoom - 12X optical and 48X total. I had to compress the files by 50% due to file size maximum
  3. Very cool pics. I still stop to watch blood flowing through small blood vessels in the eye when I have time. It amazes me even now. And I thought magnifying glasses were to fry ants. :D
  4. I had that CD as an alarm clock for about a year right after I got married. My wife still won't listen to it 23 years later. Did you see him in the crappy reality show, Supergroup, with Sebastion Bach and Jason Bonham? It was on in 2007 or so. Sorry to thread jack. Back to the original topic now. Nuge is a master of soundclip putdowns. He is well-versed in what he talks about and can get in a shot before the other person has a chance to talk over him. If only there were more conservatives willing and able to be as bold.
  5. I just seasoned 2 full pork loins to smoke tomorrow because I feel like having some charred meat in the near future. They are hanging out in the fridge overnight with a few pork ribs that I am going to try to cook.
  6. Coors Light most commonly for me too. I have been trying some dark beers over the last few years. Shiner Bock was my first intro into the dark side. I have no big favorites that I buy repeatedly. I just try different things that look good when I'm at the store. My wife calls them "chewy beers" and sticks to Coors Light. I tried this one and could only drink one. It was worse than the apple pie moonshine I bought at the liquor store (and poured out).
  7. Successful businesses do not remain successful unless they minimize the effects of whatever regulations they are forced to adhere to. Unfortunately, people get laid off, work fewer hours, and or get less benefits. Obamacare is the latest regulation that businesses are having to deal with. The number one priority of a business of any size is to make money for the owners and/or shareholders. That is all. Anything else is secondary. There is no right for employees to have a job at a business. The job belongs to the owner/company and it is theirs to do what they wish with it, including eliminate it if it costs more money than it produces.
  8. Welcome from slightly south of North Texas.
  9. LOL. Does it help to know that I heard them in my head after I read your post?
  10. Wow, I may need to rethink leaving my gun in my desk. I do not wear a white coat so I don't have much to conceal a pistol on me. At least my staff know where the gun is and some of them can shoot.
  11. It does suck, but helps me afford more guns and especially ammo.
  12. Maybe they went into DT's waiting to log back in. It was close for me. this helped me make it -->
  13. It looks like you are ready to huff and puff and blow the poop out of them.
  14. I got an email this morning with a flyer. It is a basic gun but they are/were in stock. I don't know how many, if any more, they have. I have purchased a few things from them in the past without problem, but no guns. http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=99c3876c30b42968d4190988b&id=3be0c8d155&e=6a52f650ae
  15. I knew I shouldn't have said anything. Now the widgets are sold out! They must have been 22LR. (I'll even be the first to use the new pacifier emoticon.)
  16. I see there are widgets available in the store. What caliber do they come in and are there any in FDE?
  17. The site looks good, and easier on the eyes. I hope my day-job doesn't suffer because of the easy-to-read forum.
  18. This will ease the pain. I saw them at the gun show over the weekend for $89.
  19. I went to local Wally World this AM and scored 3 boxes of Federal 45's for $20.34. :banana: They had just brought them out to put up. They had some 9mm and 40 S&W as well, but there is a 3 box limit. The stocklady was less than cordial. "I hate putting this stuff out."
  20. I went to 2 gun shows today. There was a total of about 600 tables between the two. The most outrageous price I saw 525 rds of Federal 22LR for $240. The average price was about $80. I only bought a couple of mags for my FN45, $35 each. There was not much worth having that was a reasonable price.
  21. I went to my local Gander Mtn and saw a few .45's, some .380's, and some .40 SW. They were all overpriced self-defense rounds, but it was more than what there has been for a couple of months.
  22. I have a dozen or so total. My SOG knives seem to hold an edge the best of what I have. The Kershaw are the ones that I will use for almost anything because they were the least expensive. I have a couple of CRKT knives that I like the blade but not necessarily the design of the ones I have. That's what I get for buying over the internet without holding them first.
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