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  1. Tom,looks like a good day all in all. People around here look at me like I'm an alien when I mention Grendel. I always knew in my heart that it's a great intermediate round. BTW stay outa the rocks they're murder on the sidewalls. I'm like the guy that has never had a flat then goes out, gets new tires then immediately picks up a screw or a nail and remains pissed off for the next 40,000 miles
  2. I think you have bigger problems. I'm not a sparky but Have you ever had problems where stuff didn't work? I'm wondering if you lost half a leg of your 220/210 (or whatever) and it went out of balance and was trying to come back through the buss.
  3. Ravenworks


    I feel for you guy's. I spent 35 year's freezing my azz off running heavy equipment, today they have HVAC radios. BTW, it's been in the mid 80's here but cold as hell up home. Be safe.
  4. Nice collection. I bought an M-60 and a M-79 when I came home from the Marine corps for next to nothing. Those are the two I truly regret ever selling and it's not about the money.
  5. Seekins is what I have. Personal preference, pick one and use it.
  6. I ordered one from Robocop and didn't know where to put this? KNS Precision SNAPFOOT Bipod Feet Adapter system ://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/02/08/kns-precision-snapfoot-bipod-feet-adapters/ Looks like a nice addition
  7. Bring em and swing em. They didn't waste any time in Iraq when they found Saddam guilty,nope they hung his ass the next day.
  8. That's simply,bring back hard labor and chain gangs. If I was a governor there would be no way in hell a convict would sit on his ass all day long
  9. The last time I seen Johnny Walker Red was on Okinawa in 1981. Liquor for me + bail money.
  10. Was Harvey W there?
  11. I have to laugh. Long time ago we had a guy show up on my job,I had him do the drug test and fill out paperwork. So I'm sitting in my office and hear this guy going on and on about me,not knowing who I was. This went on for a good 20 minutes,of course the other guys in the office were egging it on. I come out and go,so,you know so and so,what an center of uranus bla bla he goes. When he's done, I introduced myself, I kept the douche around just to screw with him. We laughed so hard I was in tears
  12. Fuq,I don't even know the guy but I'll blame him.
  13. I worked at the county's SO back in the 80's and support all who do an already tough job for little pay. But I have to ask,why weren't there any drugs found? Why are there two different timelines? https://www.ammoland.com/2019/01/drug-dealer-ambush-or-defense-against-home-invasion/#axzz5eHviVsQC "Particularly disturbing about this case is information about the married couple who were killed in their home, along with their dog. They were 59 and 58 years old. So far, there has not been any indication of criminal records. Nor did the police find any “black tar heroin” they claimed was being sold at the house. This was a planned raid. We should be able to determine exactly what happened, from the police point of view, from the body cameras. The police had them and had them turned on, right? It was all planned. They knew there would be action. So they had a video to defend themselves if there was a problem… Right? There are enough inconsistencies in this raid to want to see the video."
  14. Joke section is pretty good Semper-fi
  15. I have a guy that sell USA made part kits. USA made is the key. The only parts that I am finicky about is extractor parts,I tend to buy the Colt stuff,their gold springs are some of the best
  16. Like today,the progs are claiming that healthcare is a right? Never read that anywhere except in the liberal media.
  17. People should have been stockpiling for years.
  18. No I don't swing that way,I was Fuqing with you
  19. At least be a man about it if you're going to go there. Back on topic, I have broken just about every plastic ammo can I've ever used.
  20. If there are ANY bases,even obscure ones in your area you can find them cheap.
  21. All BS aside, if you watch Government sales you can buy them by the pallet pretty cheap.
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