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Everything posted by Ravenworks

  1. Picked up 500 new peices of Norma 308 brass for $40.
  2. You want a bear stopper (or anything for that matter) you should look at the 454 Casull. I bought a Ruger Alaskan for less than 5 bills,that gun ain't for pussies. I seen the gun used and called a buddy to ask about it,he's like thats a steal.
  3. Before any of you dicks say it,I don't have anything going on with a PD
  4. I thought I finished my post but got sidetracked. The point I was trying to make was these things happen super fast to where they are over with before you even know what happened. All BS aside, the dude got lucky. As for the prairie dogs,they accepted my wife as part of their clan. Me,they all chitter at me when I walk into the room except the one female we have.
  5. Tell you what,a Prairie Dog will rip you to shreds. My wife has written several books on them and is pretty much an authority on them. I got nailed while feeding for her when she was sick,they are lighting fast. Within 2 seconds I ended up with 30 stitches in my hand. Before any of you make a smart azz remark I want you to think about that. Tell you what,I think if we ever had a home invasion that I'd throw one of them at the person and watch them get ripped to shreds.
  6. Wait a minute, I thought Dolphins were the only raping kind?
  7. That is cute. We had a couple of dickhead feeding some bears st work. Momma bear got a little pissed off one day and knocked a dumpster around like a beach ball
  8. Ravenworks


    Same old poop,"Hey I have a 4x4 " Then you have them on the phone that adds to it.
  9. Ravenworks


    You know,I think I posted in the wrong thread. Sorry
  10. Ravenworks


    The kid is readyforthe mental hospital
  11. Ravenworks


    I like the YouTube video where the Dad take the lawnmower to the snowflakes video games. Now thats classic,the kid had a serious meltdown
  12. Tom,looks like a good day all in all. People around here look at me like I'm an alien when I mention Grendel. I always knew in my heart that it's a great intermediate round. BTW stay outa the rocks they're murder on the sidewalls. I'm like the guy that has never had a flat then goes out, gets new tires then immediately picks up a screw or a nail and remains pissed off for the next 40,000 miles
  13. I think you have bigger problems. I'm not a sparky but Have you ever had problems where stuff didn't work? I'm wondering if you lost half a leg of your 220/210 (or whatever) and it went out of balance and was trying to come back through the buss.
  14. Ravenworks


    I feel for you guy's. I spent 35 year's freezing my azz off running heavy equipment, today they have HVAC radios. BTW, it's been in the mid 80's here but cold as hell up home. Be safe.
  15. Nice collection. I bought an M-60 and a M-79 when I came home from the Marine corps for next to nothing. Those are the two I truly regret ever selling and it's not about the money.
  16. Seekins is what I have. Personal preference, pick one and use it.
  17. I ordered one from Robocop and didn't know where to put this? KNS Precision SNAPFOOT Bipod Feet Adapter system ://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/02/08/kns-precision-snapfoot-bipod-feet-adapters/ Looks like a nice addition
  18. Bring em and swing em. They didn't waste any time in Iraq when they found Saddam guilty,nope they hung his ass the next day.
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