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Everything posted by Ravenworks

  1. Snowflake changing a tire I'm impressed
  2. Classic. I'm pretty certain that if a human being could do that billions of dollars a year would be saved
  3. Holy fuqk I hadc22 emails
  4. There has been less than 600 firearms turned in to date,what's that tell you? Yeah,the government is worried.
  5. Most my kin on my mother's side is from Zanesville and New Concord. Home of our beloved John Glen,true gentleman right there. Or are you farther down, Ironton or Dayton?
  6. I'm from Canton,the hillbillies I was referring to were the ones from WV. Nice fokks but they kept to themselves and didn't give two shitz about anybody else. I think once I get cleared to shoot again that I should take a trip out west. I have lots of friends in AZ and I'm always looking for more shooting buddies. Nice being retired now as I can do what I want, fuqking sucks getting up every morning @4am with nothing to do
  7. Well there was that heart attack,even with that I was a lucky bastard. How many guys have one while talking to the CRASH team?
  8. I'm retired now so it's flip flops - underwear or shorts
  9. Roundhouse Jeans and Bibs. Made in the USA for almost 2 centuries
  10. Well,let me add a bit more to that statement. The facilities are overwhelmed during the winter months. You have a town that is around a million people that swells to 6 million. I still don't care for Lee County health care.
  11. Coming home from Florida this year I told my mother that the doctor's were going to kill me.(I was showing signs but didn't recognize them,neither did the doctors) I have a second home in Fort Myers and found out during the winter months health care down there is like a 3rd world country. All I have been thinking about is being at work. I've been an operating engineer for 30+ years and we had a pipeline boom come through Ohio. So I jumped on the pipeline train for 5 years and was working 80 to 100 hours a week. If I had to wait on a life flight because of the remote location's we worked init would had taken at least an hour to get out there. Nope,those hillbillies would have stuck some chaw in their mouth then tossed me in the back of a pickup truck like a dead deer.
  12. I don't know how I screwed up the quote. But this was my reply- This hasn 't be en anywhere near as hard on me as it has been my family. They lived it, I was unaware.
  13. Yes that is correct. I was talking to a couple of the members of the CRASH team when it happened.
  14. Wow,I thought that they had to crack you open to replace a valve. Good thing they don't have to do that anymore. I couldn't imagine the pain of having your chest cracked open. I don't even remember going to the hospital for my hernia surgery, let alone anything else that happened. All I know is what I've been told.
  15. Eye Doc, how was here recovery,believe it or not I had no muscle damage to the heart-CRASH did their job? I mean to tell you I'm not up to running around doing my normal errands,but I am out and about short periods of time. I just get to wore out. Also,how freaking long before the sternum and ribs quit hurting, all the doctors just shrug their. I fuqking hate that
  16. I killed over in the recovery room waiting for my ride home. I coded 3X'S, I was down almost 4 minutes, also I was cathed and stinted in 30 minutes. BUT. They poured the Heparin to me and caused me to bleed out. I have Non-hodgkin's lymphoma and the doctor and nurses never looked at my chart. Nor did they see where the surgeon gave me platelets before surgery because my normal is around 75k, the one pack brought me up to 144k. This was about the time my wife walked in an noticed my catheter bag had fire engine red blood in it. My platelet count was at 22k,they gave me 6 units of blood and 5 packs of platelets. She is a retired BSRN and a very good problem solver,if it wasn't for her I'd be dead. All this happened on April 23rd. I was on By-pass for four days, then I was in cardiac ICU for a week, ICU for 10 days and the balance of my 30 day stay on a step down unit. I start rehab on Wednesday,but I will tell you this,nothing has put me down like this did. Something that I am greatful for is where this happened as I usually work out in the middle of nowhere. I had almost 100% blockage and never paid attention to the signs. There was no bright lights,no harps,nope it was more like someone turned the switch off.
  17. Who here has had a heart attack? I'm curious as to what your recovery was like?
  18. May I simply suggest something? Take a look around,they are a one stop shop.The jig by 5Dtactical is second to none. https://www.ceratac.com/default.asp
  19. Ravenworks


    We've all been there. In 2008 while ex-wife was at work she got served papers. At the same time,the movers emptied the home,locks were changed and ALL utilities were changed. She broke into my new home,cut the pockets out of every pair of pants shorts etc-WTF who does this. But what made me the maddest was the kunt stole my Golden retriever that I had for 12 years. That is unforgivable.
  20. Proudly made in the USA,I have many many pairs of Roundhouse Bibs and Jeans. You simply cannot destroy them.
  21. I must be getting old because anything closely related to "Metal" makes me go duh and will hypnotize me thus rendering me useless. Humm,maybe I always was useless and just never knew it. Carry On
  22. Come on up to Norwalk raceway for an old fashioned weekend of run what ya brung. There's a lot of butt hurt people,but they play by the rules and have good sportsmanship, something made for TV will never have. And in my mind that is the whole thing in a nutshell. Run and lose your car, thems the rules,no drama.
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