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  1. Thanks for the info Dave, I wouldn't miss out on the buy for anything!
  2. The SASS always looked sweet 'bone-stock', it's what made me want a .308 AR in the first place. I'd have put that "Guns & Ammo" right back on the shelf it I'd have known where it was going to take me.... >:( <laughs> <dontknow> Nothing wrong with being a terminal case though, so ya might as well dive in completely right? Right! Back to the topic though..... Nice piece!
  3. Hey Dave, just a couple quick questions. Is the monolithic upper a billet set or I'm assuming I need to order a lower as well... The other question is what's your preferred method of payment?
  4. I offer up this kit for comparison as well. Pros/Cons of either kit and how you would personally weigh one kit against the other. RCBS and Hornady
  5. Alright guys, give me some informed opinions on this kit I'm thinking about buying. Feel free to suggest other/better kits, as I would like to buy a kit and modify it rather than buy 30 seperate components.
  6. I carry with my 1911 in a soft-leather holster just behind my right hip, muzzle angled towards my left butt cheek so that the grip lays parallel to my back. It's terriffic concealment and it's an amazingly natural grab considering how high the gun is being carried. I like molded leather shoulder rigs too, but I don't wear a coat often enough to justify it.
  7. Welcome to the "Hotel California" of the AR world... <laughs> After introducing oneself, it is customary to post pictures of one's rig. Looking forward to having one more AR maniac around here! <thumbsup>
  8. What's the best way to get drool out of a keyboard? :P
  9. I'm considering an SPR-like build, that could be useful.
  10. It's still on the rifle, I'll see what I can do.
  11. They look great! I'm not sure about that square-trigger configuration though, that would feel funny. I'm very curious as to what purpose that serves... <dontknow>
  12. I actually buffooned the previous post up, it's a 24" fluted barrel, it's a stocker from DPMS. They're selling replacements for $365 and shipping. Given that mine has a little under 500 rounds through it, I'd sell it for $300 + shipping cost.
  13. Actually, I think a full length FFT on an 18" barrel sets you up for a nice SPR-looking mod. I'm throwing around some ideas for a .308 SPR tribute.
  14. Yeah, I'd like to know the monolithic price as well, it's got to be more affordable than the LBC I was checking out...
  15. $3690, Scope and rings are optional. I'm tempted to rant and rave about the cost but I know I'm going to just buy it anyways, so maybe I should save my strength for running from my wife when she finds out. You can also go with the "Ultimate Sniper" package (not monolithic but nice all the same) with custom muzzle brake for $3290.
  16. It's like you're reading my mind... :o
  17. Matt.Cross

    New Guy

    Welcome to the forums. You need to get up with 98Z5V, he's our resident purchasing consultant. Just tell him you have a roll pin you don't know what to do with, and stand back and watch the fireworks.
  18. It's pricey coolade, but darned if it's not more addictive than whiskey....
  19. Wow, I cracked a few ribs I laughed so hard!!! I'll send ya the bill... LOL
  20. Matt.Cross

    My POF build

    Nice!!! 8) Eye candy... *drools*
  21. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to have been born in a different time, 'cause these days everything I believe is real 'Old fashioned' to mainstream culture. It's a sad era in human history when the only place you can find an honest politician is on your currency.
  22. Ya know, to a gun lover this reads like a friggin personal ad. <laughs> Anyways, welcome to our forums, you will find no lack of humor here. <thumbsup>
  23. Yeah, you're in the crowd of people whose expertise is in the field of cultivating marriages and gun collections at the same time <laughs> <lmao> Well, here's my .02, buy her something equally expensive, then she has no choice but to let you have your toys too. <thumbsup>
  24. Why? Oh wait is this the magic post? <dontknow>
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