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  1. The difference is, when you THINK you're a better shooter, you ARE a better shooter! :o ;)
  2. Nice, DIY projects are the best. Also, I like your taste in lathes, if I ever get a shop to put one in, i'll probably pick up one of their models + a bridgeport mill.
  3. Well, in that case you might be the unlucky recipient of several pounds of high velocity shrapnel, which is good reason to have or borrow a set of gauges. Even worse, you might have a bad chamber that holds up for the first several rounds, and blows up the instant you let someone else shoot it. That's something I couldn't really live with.
  4. That may well be true, I don't know. I need to check and see if they make carbide chamber reamers....
  5. Here's my wild shot in the dark, feel free to reality-check my hypothesizing... It's a little bit of lathe work on either side of 'not good'. If the chamber is 'short', it may be feasible to simply have it re-reamed at the correct depth. If the chamber is 'deep', material would have to be removed from the back of the barrel to 'shortify' the chamber, this would probably also involve re-cutting the recesses for the extractor & whatever more.
  6. Yep, but don't worry, I PM'ed you my address and I'll be watching the mail for my share. Thanks ol' buddy! ;D
  7. Anyone who can casually mention how their MA-TEN purchase came out to an extra $1500, just like it's any other gun-store visit, deserves to be tied to a shooting bench and forced to watch gang-bangers try to remedy feeding malfunctions in their Hi-Points. <laughs> <lmao> Now that I've exhausted my jealousy, let me congratulate you on your new acquisitions! <thumbsup>
  8. <dontknow> Ya have to wake up pretty early to beat anybody around here to an answer.... <thumbsup> <laughs>
  9. AutoZone generic loctite! The blue flavor suits most uses...
  10. I agree. You can probably get away with using a lighter buffer if you're using a lightened bolt, but I wouldn't count on a light buffer closing a full-weight bolt every time unless you have a really strong buffer spring. Your felt recoil may or may not be affected, but I think the general idea is how much force you want to close the bolt with, a lot of force comes in handy for stuff like coated surplus ammo.
  11. Well, for those of us who haven't sold our souls to fund a project, it can feel that way.... :P
  12. Welcome to the boards! Nice to have another Tarheel in the growing crowd! <thumbsup>
  13. That is one good-lookin' piece of machinery!
  14. <laughs> What can I say? It's true! <dontknow>
  15. ... err, the number '308', that is. These days I find that my ears perk up automatically any time I hear the number. This was not an issue before I joined up here... <dontknow> In any case, here's something that caught my eye just as I was about to log out: I know, it's pathetic but I just couldn't help myself.
  16. I would strongly disagree. Granted, I don't shoot much submerged in a supercooled liquid nitrogen bath while in a vacuum, but I'm pretty sure that there isn't much short of that capable of stress-cracking a well-made SS barrel. In all seriousness, if I didn't have confidence I could fire my rifle safely at -20F, I wouldn't fire it under ANY circumstances. In terms of how much of a problem it is, I don't know statistics, but I haven't personally ever heard of ANY SS barrel stress-cracking for any reason besides complete obstruction of the bore.
  17. Unwilling to send it off to have it done? I'm thinking about having my 24-incher sent off and threaded for a JP muzzle brake...
  18. Yep, compatible. I've got one on my DPMS and they work great! <thumbsup>
  19. Welcome to the site! I think you'll find two outstanding qualities from the people here at the forums right off the bat: 1. They are very knowledgeable. 2. They are completely unpretentious. This is just two of many reasons I'm positive you'll enjoy your stay here. If you want, you or a moderator can seperate your questions into the appropriate forums where all the fine members here will do their best to answer them as accurately as possible. Have fun and ask all the questions you want!
  20. Gotta make a demo vid on YouTube bro, anything else is so 2010.... ;)
  21. I'm relieved! I used to believe I had the dirtiest imagination of anyone on the site.. <laughs> <lmao>
  22. I hate the phrase 'Gun Control'... Anyone with an IQ roughly equivalent to that of the common rock, knows full well that it's a progression towards the complete disarmament of law-abiding citizens. I guess the world would be a much happier place if unarmed citizens only had to worry about crooks coming after them with mostly clubs, knives, etc, and guns on a much smaller scale, given that they're still maniacs bent on hurting helpless people. I wonder how it would feel to be a LEO in an otherwise unarmed society, with a nice big sign on your back saying "Target me to obtain a deadly weapon!".
  23. The rifle is bad to the bone! That dog reminds me of the one we had as kids, he was the smartest creature I ever had the pleasure of knowing, I'm betting yours is probably equally intelligent. Nice! <thumbsup>
  24. Welcome to the forums! Word to the wise, it's best to browse the forums here with your wallet locked securely in your gun safe... <laughs> Jump right in and tell us what kinda hardware you're currently rocking, and what you have on the ol' wishlist. Edit: In case you hadn't noticed, this is useful post #300 in a limited series... <munch>
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