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  1. Welcome to the forums, I'm right there with ya on the whole accurizing aspect, the AR is capable of some amazing things with regard to accuracy in a semi-auto platform. Be sure to post up some pictures of your rigs!
  2. I've notified the left-shoulder devil that he's being replaced.... <laughs> <lmao>
  3. Matt.Cross


    Lew, welcome to the forums. Bought the exact same thing and I gotta tell ya, I don't wanna lug it around the woods, it's too heavy for that. However, if you're inclined to do so, you can take pretty much any game you'd take with any other .308, given that you're comfortable with the shot you're taking, which is completely up to you. Check your state's laws regarding magazine capacities though, as you might get in trouble some places for having a 20-rounder in there. There are manufacturers that have low-capacity mags for the LR-308 just for that reason. Enjoy, and post up! <thumbsup>
  4. Once my MA-TEN monolithic ships, this will be a must-do for me. Can't wait!!!
  5. They could still very well go places... It remains to be seen....
  6. The "X" is more or less a way of representing '10' with roman numerals. If they come out with an IRA-VX, we'll know what's going on.... ;)
  7. If you, like me, like to know in terms of MOA exactly how horrible your shooting is, this little piece of software is fantastic for making you want to buy aftermarket AR barrels, send your rifle off to be accurized, read the latest "Become a Marine Sniper in Just 21 Days" and all sorts of other stuff. You just HAVE to try it out. If UNLIKE me you have problems discerning where one bullet hole begins and the other ends, this tool will also describe in terms of MOA, just how awesome you really are. So check it out, you can find it at http://www.ontargetshooting.com/ <thumbsup> On a serious note, it's fantastic software and you can't beat the price. Enjoy!
  8. I don't know how many of you are history buffs or follow martial arts but I saw this movie the other day and it has the best of both worlds. Check it out!
  9. That's a good recommend, they have a tremendous reputation! How does it shoot?
  10. Ok, so my 2-yr old somehow managed to locate a piece of his own poo, and much to his parents' disgust, attempted to eat it before we could stop him. So immediately he spits it right back out, proclaiming judgement of the strange object's taste with an emphatic "Bleghhhh" and a sour face... So as my sweetheart is telling me what happened, I started dying laughing, and my little boy apparently realized he was the cause of my mirth and started laughing too ( we Cross boys like attention ). So here we are laughing our heads off while Mom is going ballistic at both of us, and I open my big mouth in the little guy's defense... So gentlemen, here's a phrase you should never use to calm your wife down when your child has attempted to eat his own poo: "Aw hon, come on, look at that ****-eating grin and tell me it's not funny!" If anyone needs me, I'll be in the doghouse.
  11. Yep, agree completely, extra mags are a must when you carry a single stacker.
  12. I'm glad that upper sold, all of these items came within a hair of becoming ANOTHER build for me....
  13. I'll be sure to call 'em up and see what they have to offer, had no idea there was so much demand on the custom barrel market. Maybe I need to get a couple of spindle machines, a lathe and a brideport, and revisit my favorite pasttime! ( I am not a 'professional' machinist, but I know enough to be dangerous ;) ) Update: I e-mailed Dan Lilja this morning to price a couple barrels, he responded very promptly!!! You can check out Lilja's AR offerings here. I have more information coming on whether or not they do custom AR profiles. Update 2: Apparently, Ballistic Advantage must be VERY BUSY, because I called and couldn't leave a message. Their voicemail box is FULL!!! Man, these guys must have about a decade of backlog, but in the current economy, good for them! I e-mailed adam again, per the voicemail greeting's suggestion. We'll see what happens. Called Accuracy Systems, left a voicemail, hopefully they will be calling back too. Update 3: Lilja doesn't offer custom AR profiles, they have drop-in barrels but they only offer the profiles on the aforementioned page. Still, they're nice barrels and I'm considering buying a 20" model to try out.
  14. Welcome to the boards, can't wait to pick up some pointers from a professional instructor!
  15. You're exactly right about the loctite, but I wasn't really so much suprised as pleased, I was thinking that a rail might one day adorn the top of the FFT and I didn't want that sucker moving around on me anyways... My biggest concern was with whether or not I was going to bind the nut while tightening it and then be unable to get it back off without marring it, aluminum threads can be a bit fickle when mated to a harder metal.
  16. Shot those guys an e-mail, haven't heard back from them. I'm not sure if they're just too busy or what. Have you done business with them? I looked at Accuracy Systems too, but I'm looking to install my own barrel if at all possible, and my budget wouldn't hold up to their pricing too well. I have an e-mail on the way to Rock Creek Barrels as well, I heard a rumor that they're building AR barrels now too.
  17. Barrels by the barrel-full! Actually, I've been hunting around to find barrel-makers selling barrels for DPMS style .308s... Anyone got suggestions? So far my two most satisfactory results were Les Baer Customs and Krieger. I know there are others but I need some reminders and suggestions. Post up boys!
  18. I think the difference is going to be more notable at extended ranges, if you can believe what you read on the internet... Apparently heavier is a little more stable as you start approaching the 1,000 yard mark.
  19. Give me just a little time, may have something coming together!! If someone makes an offer though, sell it! <thumbsup>
  20. Does the gas block include the gas tube, or is it just the GB itself?
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