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  1. Yep, I'm with you on the boycott. I'm gonna do my level best not to give them any business.
  2. Maiden, very near Hickory. Minutes from Charlotte.
  3. Welcome to the forum, nice to have another fellow Carolinian on the boards. Hopefully I can pick your brain about accurizing the .308 I'm building!
  4. Maybe not if you're a bodybuilder, but otherwise, it's pretty durned heavy.
  5. Very nice, alway wish MY thumbs looked like that.... The bolt catch is OK too... <laughs>
  6. To be honest, I'm scared to clean my LR's in any fashion besides disassembled. Sorry about your finger though man, that's gotta hurt....
  7. I need your address Drew, be on the lookout for a keyboard-sized package that smells like vomit. Edit: In the meantime, enjoy some of this footage from one of Madhouse's 'classic ride' shoots.
  8. I don't know if I've told you lately how much I hate you (read, "ENVY YOU"), but right now I really hate you... <laughs> <lmao> <thumbsup> I believe it's understood at this point that you MUST post results... (with pics)
  9. Be sure to post up some pics once you get it set up!
  10. The gains are relative and in terms of overall accuracy. A free-float tube has a single point of influence over the barrel, and that by manipulating the receiver itself whereas the enclosed forarm type manipulates at both the receiver and a given point along the length of the barrel. It basically means there's a point at which the barrel is susceptible to torque and thus a change in the point of impact. No big deal at shorter ranges, much more apparent at longer distances.
  11. I highly recommed Lothar Walther for their customer service, I dealt with Woody Woodall and you'd be hard put to find nicer people. The barrel I spec'd out came up to only $442, that's including the matched bolt, barrel extension, headspacing AND the shipping cost.
  12. I decided to go with Fulton Armory for the LPK, minus the grip & trigger. Just gotta complete my orders and let the impatience begin. <munch>
  13. Yes, I called and spoke with a very nice rep who answered all my questions and gave me a quote. I put all the specs onto an order and it sends out tomorrow with a check. I can't wait!!! ;D ;D ;D
  14. I have ordered a 20" Lothar Walther fluted stainless barrel (including barrel extension & headspaced bolt), 1:10 twist, .936 gas block and threaded 5/8"-24 for the last 3/4" of the barrel at the muzzle. I'm going to be mating a Bennie Cooley compensator to it. I'm also going to be buying: Magpul PRS, Tubbs Flat Wound recoil spring, Enidine AR-Restor recoil buffer, Fulton Armory Chromed BCG, ATC SR Gold Trigger, and Magpul MIAD grip. I'm up for recommendations on the mag release, bolt catch, and various other small miscellaneous lower parts, and safety lever etc.
  15. That's just incredibly sad. I think that's good enough reason for me to boycott Wally World as much as I possibly can. It's just dumbfounding to think that we're at a point in time where we can say "I remember when heroism used to be rewarded..." What has happened to the prevalence of common sense?
  16. I'll bet you do, man-skank.... <laughs> <thumbsup>
  17. Now if I can just figure out how you ordered one without a serial number.... ;) Nice set! ;D
  18. I like their products, but the prices stink... It's a real dilemma.
  19. I dunno, maybe because it's Drew's now.... <thumbsup> ;)
  20. This lower is SOLD!!! Just for future reference guys, capt9859 is Good to Go. Thanks!
  21. Not sure about the pistol itself, HK has a superb reputation for their USP line though. As for the translucent mag, my first guess would be that you can see at a glance how many rounds you have left.
  22. Welcome to the Forums, post up!
  23. No problem, I'll send ya an e-mail. It's a quite nice upper, I'm just getting the 'build' bug.
  24. If you are considering buying used I happen to have a DPMS 24" SS fluted bull-barrel complete upper with JP VTAC handguard (rifle length) that I'd be willing to part with. It has less than 500 rounds through it, none of which were surplus ammo or metal-jacketed. I'm willing to part with it because my wife is only going to let me have so many configurations, and I'm wanting to do my own build. If you don't want to buy used, I see all kinds of them on Gunbroker.com if you want to check them out, but they're just one of a ton of places you can buy DPMS-compatible complete uppers. On a different note, nice rifle, and welcome to the forums!
  25. What scares me considerably more than our government, is the number of people who blindly trust that they're making good decisions... The government will only ever be as stupid as the voting majority permit them to be. Scary!
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