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MechArmor sight set

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So who's FMC?

So as I'm reading this... Mr MechArmor calls me on the phone. he's all excited that SS grabbed a set of sights.

FMC is the machine shop near MechArmor that builds the TacOps-1. The first run of sights had the shops name on them. The next run should have MechArmor lasered on them.

Our group price should be set soon. They want us banging away with new parts by July 4th.

More to follow.

Ps. It looks like Windham is going to be offering a "MechArmor" pro shop upgrade for ordered rifles. PRETTY SLICK.

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Working on it, with options.


Combination packages are easy to work out.  Sights + charging handle.  Sights + trigger. Sights + charging handle + trigger.  Charging handle + trigger...


It'll be up soon.  <thumbsup>


Until the majority of the sights are IN HAND at MechArmor, we have to wait for the group-link.  Once they arrive, the link will be posted, with instruction for package deals. 

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Ok, I'm in for a package deal when the group buy goes up.  Tac-Ops CQB and sights sounds like just the ticket. <thumbsup>


For the record,

The Tac-Ops sniper on my .308 is pure badassery

The Rough Justice trigger I got from them is also pure badassery


I'm turning in to quite the Mech Armor fanboy. At this point for my money they could probably sh!t in a box, stamp it Mech Armor Defense guaranteed, (a little 'Tommy Boy' reference there ;) ) and it would be pure badassery. :banana:


So, when are they gonna start producing some sweet billet receiver sets so I can swing on the Mech Armor nut sack some more!?? :leghump:

(It's the next logical step for them.... I'm just sayin...)

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   Used the sights today on the Wife's Carbine & @ 25 yards . she shot about three inches low , went to 100 yards & I was shooting dead on but left . I did notice that I had my prescription Ray bans on & I'm not sure where the transition is for the bi-focals , but I couldn't use them to shoot with Iron sights , the top of the front sight blade was like it had double vision . two tops of the pin , one high & one lower . I changed to my normal clear glasses & had no problem .Had nothing to do with the sights , its all about me & my Glasses .

   I want to get a day I can just shoot the Irons & nothing else . I like them , good sight picture , its easy to use the HK type Ears on the from sight . it can be adj. using the A2 sight adj. tool .I also have some photo's I have to down load .

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I gots a trigger, I gots a charging handle...


I NEED a set of iron sights to mount on the PIC rail right on top!


I use a 1.5 to 4 X scope Bushnell on my LR308 Oracle and really like it, with the Mil dot reticle. But I also have a Leopold  3-9X that is sighted in for 300 Yards if I ever get another chance for a pronghorn permit in the Texas Panhandle.


But I still prefer a set of irons. and off comes the glass, except for special occasions.

I seldom shoot over 300 yards, usually with a hasty sling.  Terrain is limited here in the boonies, out on the high plains I used to use a 20 power Unertal on a .22-250 for prairie dogs, but always used an ironing board and bag of shot type support. I am blessed with excellence long distance eye-sight.  I only realized how fortunate I was when I started teaching my wife and a bunch of kids to shoot the NRA .22 rimfire three position 50 foot course. Poor woman has worn glasses for astigmatism since she was 6. Her shooting changed 100% when I mounted a Redfield 3200 scope on her model 64 Anshultz.  I think anyone should rig their rifles with the very best sights for them personally, Good experiences enhance their desire to shoot.

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Can you measure the distance from the front of the sight to the bolt? Looks like it will fit a swan sleeve or the raised rail of a CASV.

I will put one on my CASV upper to see if it fits... it will be a HUGE selling feature if it does. Right now the only options for CASV owners are the TROY, MI or ARMS, all of which are $100-$200 just for a rear sight.

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Troy rear sight on my CASV.  Perfect.


From the rear of the CASV top rail, back to the center of the screw, it will have to be 0.300" or shorter.  If it's longer than 0.300", it's not going to mount in the last (furthest back) pic rail slot on the upper receiver, and still clear the back of the CASV rail.


You can cut approximately 0.250" off the back of the CASV rail, and make a longer sight fit, though.

Edited by 98Z5V
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ISIS has the grinders out as I type. McCain brought them a poop ton of surplus matech rear sights and they don't fit the EOD SBRs Obama funneled to them through the cartels. Now they know how to make them fit. Thanks Tom.

Also, KAC 200-600 rear fits a CASV as well, but it has that little cutout so it doesn't flow very well. It fits perfect under a PRI or ARMS swan sleeve though. The angle on the front of the mech looks similar to the one on the KAC.



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