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Garage sale...


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After the move, I need to clean out the garage.








brand new in the box. only took it out to take the picture. asking $75 shipped  Traded: Magwa








brand new in box. only opened it to take picture. asking $400 shipped   Sold:  Rsquared






Old style M-15 National Match free float tube brand new in package. asking $60 shipped      Sold: 98Z5V




no pistol grip, old part number shown, new part number linked...




brand new never opened, with safety seal intact. asking $100 shipped       Sold: edgecrusher






brand new in wrapper, as of right now, only 2 available. asking $12 ea ... shipped     Sold: edgecrusher






brand new in wrapper, as of right now, only 2 available. asking $50 ea... shipped  Sold: Sisco







all prices are somewhat negotiable even though they are low and include shipping. 


trades could be considered. as of right now there is nothing particular that I need or want, but if you have a good one, let me know. 


all monies will be either check, money order, or pay pal gift (to avoid fees)

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Can't tell if it's one of these, though...


Top two are rifle length.  One is service rifle (for free float tube), and the other is regular rifle gas tube...




Looks like it'll be the longer "weird" tube, which I much prefer.  Found a pic of the tube.




Standard rifle-length gas tube would require a longer slot in the NM free-float in order to clear that standard gas tube.  The "weird" gas tube is made to use a free-float tube that has a much shorter slot - and a much stiffer handguard tube. 


All in all, I don't care what design it is, with Pat's price on it.  Either will work.  It's going on the NM Woody build, and I'm cutting wood handguards to make them fit in the tube.  <thumbsup>

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