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Lets see your MA-TEN Builds

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Thanks folks!  The Ma Ten build was a bit of a challange...  Even for one who has countless "small" builds under his belt.  The receiver / rail height differences were the most confusing.  With the help of Precision Reflex everything came out pretty darn good as far as I can see.  The Mk12 design may be outdated for some but it holds a firm place in my memories. 


It's almost perfect, just needs an Ops Inc 12th and you're all set!


Ahhhh....  Yes....  the time honored supressor issue.  From what I gather, Ops Inc. is no more.  I'm told my quest for a more auditory pleasing range session needs to be addressed by Allen Engineering.  A AE30 might fit the bill nicely...




I live in the Land of 10,000 lakes and not one privately owned supressor! 

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By request, some gun porn of my MATEN build (and current frustration):

MATEN matched receiver upper/lower
Magpul UBR

Rainier Arms 416R parkerized 16" barrel (midlength)
ALG defense trigger

AXTS Raptor 7.62 charging handle
AXTS Talon 45/90 safety selector
Parallax Tactical slim-line fore-end, 14"
Griffin Armament 7.62 Flash Comp
Seekins adjustable gas block
Radical Firearms NiB BCG w/WMD coating
Magpul MBUS Pro sights (front and rear)


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Recently finished this build for a buddy of mine. He is very pleased with it. He wanted a mid to longer range set-up for targets 200 to 800 yards and something he could take elk hunting out to about 400 max. During initial testing/zeroing I was getting 1/2" groups using Federal GMM 175's...it runs very smooth and has been trouble-free thus far. Also, due to super-tight tolerances I was able to thermally fit the barrel to the upper receiver.


Mega Maten receiver set, Faxon 18" heavy-profile fluted barrel, RCA bolt carrier group, Slash's CAR-10 buffer & spring, SLR adjustable gas block, Fortis Switch 14 handrail, VG6 Gamma 762 muzzle brake, Geissele SSA-E trigger, LaRue/Harris QD bipod, Vortex PST 6-24 SFP scope, ADM Recon mount.

Personally I think the rifle is "over-scoped" with the 6-24 but he had an extra one laying around and decided he wanted to use it so on it went.

20160725_150931 (1024x360).jpg

20160725_150943 (1024x507).jpg


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18 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

Nice looking rifle, love the idea of that tight barrel to receiver fit!

Yes, me too! I hadn't done that before so I called Mega and they told me to put the upper in the oven at about 200-220 degrees until it heats up then slip in the barrel (with the extension lubed/greased) and then let it cool before putting the barrel nut on. It worked perfectly. I also did the same thing with another Maten set that I built for myself using a Mega barrel. I'm not sure if they make their receivers undersized on purpose or if I just got "lucky" with those two but needless to say I was pleased to have been able to assemble it that way. I will say that tolerances for the Maten receivers (upper/lower fit as well as barrel fit) are the tightest I have ever seen. The set comes with port door installed, no forward assist (thankfully), a billet charging handle, takedown/pivot pins installed, and you can use any standard AR-15 lower parts kit to finish the rest. It may be a bit pricey but worth every cent IMO.

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