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Not sure if you all have seen these guys or not.


They have a .308 (LR-308 compatible) and AR15 model. The rep told me that each kit comes with an 80% receiver, a jig and a drill bit set. The rep said the parts/tools were reusable, but redundant since you get a new set with each purchase.

The AR15 kit was $80 at the show I was at. While the company was offering a lifetime warranty, the low price made it reasonable to replace if needed.

Just sharing.

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Ares had them for "20% off" for the past, what, 3 months? BTW, $60 is not 20% off, it's 40% off. Dimitri would've caught it before the 3rd e-mail....

Anyways, they're back up to $75, plus $10 flat rate. Only issue I've seen is that the buffer tube threads are really rough and need a good bit of cleaning up.

Edit: sorry, Robo, I didn't notice the website 'cos it wasn't blue

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It's funny... the dealer kept telling me, "we're the most popular polymer 80% on the market."

That's just like telling me you're the best looking ugly chick.

If I wanted to shoot a polymer rifle, the KSP would be it. If I wanted to get with a big ugly girl, I'd shave Shepp and teach him how to dance. Lol.

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My son helped a friend do a polymer 80% AR-15.  Son's opinion was it was okay, but nowhere near as solid as aluminum.  My 80% is a 308, not AR-15, and is aluminum.  It ain't rocket science.  I finished mine with a router, and just don't see the advantage to polymer, other than weight.  My primary reason was the non-registration.  And it was fun.

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I am trying a WarrHogg (308 80% polymer lower from Polymer80) build.  I am a new drillpress owner and not an experienced machinist so on my first try, mistakes were made but I do believe the lower came out 100% functional.  I'll know for sure when my parts kit arrives and I get a chance to test fire.

This supposedly tough polymer makes for pretty easy cutting.  The bits should last longer, not that that's an issue because you get a fresh set with every Polymer80 kit.  I'm intrigued enough to try a couple of builds with their lowers and if they turn out to be problematic, I'll go to aluminum for future builds.

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Built a Warrhogg, last spring and factory takedown pin hole doesn't quite align with Aero Precision M5 or M5E1 upper receivers.  You can file about a 1/32" off takedown pin to get it to fit but pressure is still there not a good match.  One nice thing is JP Weld can fix tooling errors.  Best thing to do is mate the upper to it before you machine it, saves time and effort.  Of course you have to buy it to test it.   I didn't fire it because I have had this type alignment issue before and that can result in following:20141031_112448.thumb.jpg.402d37cc34172883660096133055f4da.jpg

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On 8/18/2015 at 2:45 PM, Robocop1051 said:

For a cheap 80% option, I expect a bit of work.


If I went with a polymer receiver I would probably pick up the KSP set. I'm not big into 80%ers and I like the "reinforced" contact points KSP receiver.

What’s a KSP Set? Link?

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