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Jumping from Ar15 to the PA10!


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Hello all,

A little back story about me. I have been shooting and hunting for a long time started as a kid. I'm no expert or pro but this will not be my 1st gun project. 

I've always liked firearms for just sport shooting or hunting, my dad got me into this as a kid. About ten years ago I got into cars and making them fun and fast so I dropped off shooting a good bit. About 3 years ago I started picking up parts for an AR15 project, my 1st one. Just after that I bought a house and the gun got put on hold. So last year I finished my 1st AR15 with a AP lower and a PSA upper and other parts you know how it goes. 

At this point I still like cars and bikes but a'm ready to get back into firearms a bit more. Seeing that the Ar15 was a success,  I got a PSA lower and a PSA AR47 upper. I read some hate about the AR47s but being a gear head I was up for fixing it if needed.  Happy to report the PSA AR47 upper just works (round count about 500) I like this round because I have it for my SKS. 

I turned my father on to PSA and he did the same thing, AR15 and AR47 from PSA both worker very well at a good price. Then on day I was over his place, house \ range and he pulled out an AR10 from, YUP  PSA, a GenII PA10 20'' upper and MOE EPT LOWER. I had heard some mix feed back on the  PA10s so I was a little worried. That was 2 months ago and he has 300+ round out of it with 0 problems. 

When I saw this gun and we shot it and it worked, I liked it. I have always liked the AR10 \ the 308 anyway. The research started with looking to a budget but not basic AR10. What was important to me, It needs to work. I would like to spend less than 1k, 750 would be sweet, before optics etc. During my research, my brother who likes firearms called me about a PSA deal. The deal was buy an AR15 and PA10 lower combo together. He wanted to see if I would split it with him. 15 for him, 10 for me, I said yes!?

That leads me hear I have the lower and have the rest of the parts from PSA on the way, Snail mail you know lol. So in a nut shell I will be reporting for 2 PSA PA10s, my fathers 20" gun and my 18" SS complete upper + the striped lower and parts kit after I get everything together. 

I'm Mark, happy to be hear! 



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