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And now for something completely different...


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New optics on my (B)AR, not a 308 and not an AR. BUT, cool rifle nonetheless. 338 Win Mag / Viper 6-24 x 50 HS-T


Alignment and lapping the new rings



Found a set of mounts with an offset rear, perfect fit for the Vortex



Medium ring height




Off to the range this weekend. Should be an upgrade from the  Leupold VXII 3-9 x 40



Kevin Knight's brake job. Lots of practice makes perfect!


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Like having a spotting scope right on the rifle. What can I say, my eyes ain't what they use to be. We have a similar weight scope/ mount / rings on a 300 Weatherby Mag been holding zero for 70-80 rounds so I am optimistic this will  work out. Not like you would want to shoot 100 rounds a week out of one of these anyway... 

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On 9/5/2018 at 8:28 AM, Sisco said:

What are you hunting, Moose, Grizzly, Greater Kudu?

Elk gun.

After all the autos we picked up a Sharps today, shooting consistent 9 rings and clipping the bull at 100 yards, (until our shoulders turned black and blue) better then the group next to us with scoped black guns at the 50 yard berm. Never shot a set trigger before,  you're about halfway through thinking about squeezing and the bullet has left the barrel... 


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2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

2.4 mils of drop at 520 yards?!  DAMN!

the Barnes X claimes a BC of .432 but if I use the 0, 20, and 80 yard average from the Labradar and the 100-200 yard drop I get a bit less, so I used that number in the ballistic calculator. Need to do some further testing at longer range to confirm. Then all I need is a lot of luck,  and a cooperative critter...




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