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Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

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The guys here made that rifle a runner , it had issues. The recoil system seems a little bit of a problem. Majority of which are corrected using Armalite parts. I see Del ton has a .308 for less than $600.00 crazy. I can't put one together for that money. Even the small platform is cheap out of the box.?

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There have been quite a few threads around here like unforgiven talked about. Recoil systems on the PA10s seem to be problematic. If you don't mind having to tinker with and/or replace parts of a rifle before it'll run right, then PSA might be the way to go.

But I always recommend a guy who has the ability, time, and desire to buy tools build his own rifle...

As an aside, I've actually got a "challenge build" going on right now. A buddy of mine was looking at exactly that rifle, back when it was selling for $800. I told him to bump his budget up $200 and we'd build him a much better rifle than he'd ever get from PSA. And it'll run, right out of the gate. I'm just waiting for the barrel we want to go on sale, and we'll come in at a grand total of $1,022, including 2 mags and MagPul BUIS.

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"If you are going to carry it, a 20+" barrel gets heavy fast."

Really fast if you are getting ready to turn 60 in a few weeks!

For me, barrel length and the resulting muzzle velocity really isn't a big player at long range.  Sure a couple of hundred extra FPS can work for you at great distances, but it is more important is to work up a load that shoots very tight groups, preferably well under 1" at 100 yards.  I'll trade some velocity for accuracy any day of the week.  For example, if my go-to load is punching one jagged hole at 100 yards but down around 2500fps compared to a load with the same bullet at 2675fps that's out to 1 1/2" at 100 yards, I'll take the slower load every time.

Once you nail down a load that your rifle really likes, do some shooting and nail down the best hold over at 100 yards to keep hits on target from zero out to about 300 yards or so.  If you are using optics the distance the scope is from the center of the barrel can be a pretty big player.  Once you get the rifle on the money, shooting tight groups and know the "dope" from 100 to 300 yards, then start shooting longer distances, see where it's at and take good notes.

I wouldn't let barrel length set any limitations for me for one of these rifles, and very, and I mean very few shots are made beyond 300 yards or so in hunting scenarios for big game.

Of course if you are paper punching only with a lot of shooting in that 800 to 1000 yard arena, and weight, bulk and length of the rifle are NOT a factor, then buy the longest and heaviest profile barrel you can manage........Cliff

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15 hours ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

I'm definitely thinking something with a 20 inch barrel minimum preferably 24 to 24 and 1/2 inch barrel.

you better pick up a few of these rifles before you buy they are heavy!!!!!! loaded and scoped with a 16 inch barrel average 10 lbs plus so if weight is no concern then have at it but everyone is always trying to shave weight when possible if you are going to hunt with it....good luck

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Very good advice!

I built my first 308 AR specifically for hunting Elk out West.  I wanted to upgrade to a modern weapon with quick back-up shots and pretty much weatherproof.  I'd been using a Marlin model 1895 in 45/70.  Very effective on Elk but it is heavy and was taking a beating so I wanted a more durable platform and something that didn't require much attention getting rain and snow covered with extreme temp changes, etc.  When I finally got my first 308 AR finished it was much heavier than I had hoped for.  Shot well but with a loaded magazine it's a "pig" far a weight is concerned.

PSA briefly ran some of their PA-10 uppers on the website with 14.7" (welded flash hider) barrels so I grabbed one and built another rifle.  You wouldn't think that taking a few inches off the barrel would be a big deal, but it's significant.  It changes the entire weapon making it easier to carry, improved balance, and lighter.

To me it's a pretty big deal because we hunt in very thick cover, rugged terrain, and never under 10,000'.  Every ounce in that environment is like a pound back East at 1200' above sea level!........Cliff

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 believe me, I definitely understand the value of a light gun especially when moving. I have some bolt actions that we refer to as hay bale guns because of their weight LOL. This gun would not be a self-defense close-quarters weapon. I have plenty of better Suited set ups for that purpose. the larger bullet makes it a good long-distance weapon. Weight will not be a factor, but accuracy will be. Yes, I do have bolt actions for the intended purpose but the semi allows for faster follow-up shots. You fellows and your valuable knowledge have given me a good bit to think about though. Here in Pennsylvania, we are not allowed to use semi-automatic to hunt big game with. If we were allowed, I would definitely consider a 16 in possibly 18 inch barrel. We are allowed to use semi rifles for predators and varmint though. And a few of the Farms we hunt predator and varmint on do have large open areas up to 1800 yards..  in my opinion though, this is a great problem to have LOL it is much better than the problem of not having anywhere to shoot it!

Edited by Lonewolf McQuade
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