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My AR10T build


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Seems like no one has been on here in some time, but I figured I'd put this up anyway. 

This is my 10T.

24" 1:10 barrel, rubberized grip, magpul PRS gen3 stock, american defense mount, vortex viper pst gen2 scope (5-25 EBR-2C reticle).

I sent the upper to Geoff Corn at national match armorers shop and he disassembled and inspected the chamber and barrel, lapped the barrel, indexed the barrel, recut the crown, threaded and installed the armalite tunable competition muzzle brake, and sealed the gas block and gas tube assembly. 

Sticking with the supplied match trigger for now. I built this to try and get out to 1k yards. It loves the 168 FGMM smk st shorter yardages, but I've since switched over to the FGMM 185 Berger juggernauts. So far I have been very happy with it.


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2 hours ago, Robert@FULL30 said:

whats the foregrip and barrel nut?

Stock Armalite, came in black or green with later models having slots in them.

6 hours ago, Shooter813 said:

 but I've since switched over to the FGMM 185 Berger juggernauts

Very curious how these will run, been stocking up on them when I see them.

Also curious about this sealing of the gas tube and block. Was there an issue? Seems unlikely there would be a gas issue with a rifle length gas on a 24 inch barrel. I have never experienced a tube or block that didn't seal themselves in short order, what exactly did he do to seal it? 

Is that the original factory barrel? Armalite triple lapped the barrels on the T series from the factory, are you noticing an accuracy increase?

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Thanks guys. It is a "B" model

As far as buffer tubes go I may not be the best person on this site to ask. Some of the other guys may be able to give you more info. I just took off the factory stock and put it in place. 

Jtallen it is a factory barrel from my understanding talking with the guys at armalite. He said they made a handful of 24" models but that he thought when they did they had used kreiger barrels. 

I'm not sure exactly for the reason of sealing the gas tube/ block. In my limited research I hadn't seen or heard of anything about it prior to sending it out for the work, but that was who armalite recommended I send it to so I'm guessing he's been through a bunch of these. Due to my excessive work load lately I havent yet gotten back out to the range to get a feel for how it is now since the work was performed.  But I'm hoping to get out and spend a full day soon.

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2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Good looking rifle, man - very well done.  That will smoke 1,000 yards easily.  :thumbup:  How much internal elevation adjustment does that scope have?  I'm pretty sure it's enough...

same here.. scope that is!

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good shits!
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That's some beautiful hardware Rsquared. 

I finally got out to the range after all of the work that was done.  There were a lot of variables to test and I would be remiss to say that it was all done scientifically.  But I'll give my layman's observations. 

I started out just readjusting my zero to 200 yards ( I think partly because most of the bullets I was shooting called for a 200 yard zero based on the ballistics on the box, and partly because I was building the gun to shoot 1000 yards and figured that would be better, also partly because I'm tired of shooting 100 yards)

Instead of trying to shoot off the bench I got a lane where I could shoot prone. Conditions were warm 92f  and 150ft elevation. Wind was mixed and shifting 5-15mph, 90-180 degrees from shooting direction. (I didn't check pressure or humidity)

I spent the morning just getting used to the gun with the new muzzle brake installed.  It was a noticeable difference from before the install. Idk how my neighbors felt about it but I didnt notice much increased noise from the firing position.  I did notice the gun despite the reduced recoil, still came off target quite a bit. After 60 to 80 rounds I took it to the truck to drill out the top and right port (Its the armalite competition tunable muzzle brake with the ports designed to be drilled out so you can tune it to stay on target) I started with 1/8" but and ended up just sticking with it for the day because it was a pain in the A with the dull drill bits I hastily brought with me. Regardless,  it made a world of difference staying on target, and I plan to expand the ports further as I see room for more improvement (a call to armalite recommended 3/16 and I think that's probably about right.) But I did go from shooting and having to re-accquire the target to just having to re-accquire my bullseye by around 3 inches at 200.

Also, I was previously testing ammo on my prior trip and found that the gun didnt care much for anything under 168 grains. I found that it seemed to like the 168 and 175 federal GMM SMK, but while I was waiting on my upper to come back I was doing some research online and had read on a handful of sites that the 168 would run out of steam well before 1000 yards and happened to come across a good deal on a case of Federal GMM 185 Berger juggernauts which on my ballistics calculator would easily get me to 1000 yards supersonic. I ordered a case and figured I'd give it a shot. So I spent most of my day shooting that trying to formulate my thoughts.  I was very happy with how the gun handled the loads and at one point I ran a box of 168 SMK through for comparison and found no difference in group size or point of impact (not that I was really expecting any at only 200 yards.)

This is the point where everyone probably wants me to say I was punching a single hole in 3 to 5 shot groups, but honestly I'm not that good and that wasnt really my goal for the day. I simply wanted to confirm I could hit in the diamond with my 5 shot strings at that distance and take a 15 min cold range break and come back and so the same repeatedly.  So I dont have an awesome picture to post. But I do feel very good about the capabilities of the gun. I'm looking forward to continuing to dial it in while I work on my own abilities as well. It really is such a pleasant gun to shoot. Any time you can put 180 rounds of .308 down range and not even feel it afterwards is a fun experience. 

I attached a photo of one of my better groups, but most of the time I was just sending 5 round strings at the center target and I averaged about 40 of 45 in a 5" diamond 3 different times during the day. 

Let the advice/ roasting begin...


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There's no roasting - that's good shooting, man.  :thumbup:

I have that brake on my 13.5", and I thought it was gonna suck, having that .308 concussion that close to the brain housing group  - but it's good.  Damn good.  It tames that rifle better than shooting a 16" .308 bolt gun (which would rattle teeth). After initially shooting mine, I didn't even drill it, on that barrel - it's right there, with a red dot on the gun.

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ArmaLite used to do the 24" barrels and called the "T" models. With a free float fiberglass hand guard. But the interest lost its calling and they dropped it from the line up.


As for the full size stocks... they all use the standard rifle length receiver extension tube (buffer tube). It only changes when you change to a collapsible buttstock. That is when you have to be very careful on which receiver extension tube you get.


Other than that... that is a good looking stick ya got.

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There’s two experts giving you thumb’s up. For two hundred yards that is nice shooting. This picture is my AR 10 standard rifle at 185 yards with less than ideal conditions. I was shooting M118LR’s from Lake City. I think you will hit 1000 yards easy. My 10T loves the 175 SMK but I will be moving to the Berger 185’s on my next reloading cycle.


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