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Handmade Knife Auction for a good cause


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Ok this will be a custom one off knife that I will make for the winning bidder.. he can choose from the knives below as to which type he prefers all the knives in these pictures have already sold I only make them on a order only basis I can not duplicate any of them as all stone if different so the one you get will be different in some ways  they are one of a kind I will pay the shipping to you priority mail......so opening bid will be 150.00 or more it is for a good cause and I know xmas is coming so do the best you can the winning bidder will send the money to ArmedeyeDoc..he will make sure the family gets it any questions PM me lets do this..

new knife.jpg

DSC02364 (Medium).JPG

DSC03446 [Desktop Resolution].JPG




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The cause is for a young man that my wife works with.  He had a motorcycle accident that crushed his foot.  He faces multiple surgeries and still may lose his foot.  He is from a working class family that needs help with the extras that come with an injury like this.  His parents cannot afford to take off full time while he is in the hospital or recovering.  He is in the hospital 90 miles from home which creates travel expenses as well.  He is a nice young man that has always been courteous and respectful with my wife when they are working together (auto/tire shop). 

My wife and I will be appreciative of anyone who chooses to help.  On another note.  I have one of @Magwa's points from an earlier auction and testify to the quality and craftsmanship he puts into his work.

Here is a link to what I won last time.


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Hi everyone, this is Susan, Ron's wife.  I'd like to let y'all know that we are all praying that Joseph's foot can be saved.  Its a very bad deal, this is a lifetime injury.  So dreadful and sad.  I talked with him, he doesn't know when he can get to go home.  I told him to take one day at a time and to concentrate on getting well, everything else will take care of itself.  His father came by the shop today and collected over a thousand dollars donated locally and through this wonderful bunch.  His dad is trying to keep it together, but the tears came on their own.  He is so very grateful for the generosity.  And Ron and I are so proud to call y'all our friends.  Love y'all!  Susan

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Hi you guys, this is Susan again for an update.  Joseph is in surgery right now.  The doctors are taking the pinky toe and part of the foot.  Trying to catch it before it spreads to more of the foot.  Gosh, I can't imagine the actual pain he is in, not to mention the emotional pain.  You guys are so wonderful.  Thanks for everything y'all do.  Love, Susan

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