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GUN CONFISCATION... 2 months ago...


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Beto, Beto, Beto...   Come on Robert Francis O'Rourke...   You're not even a real "Beto..."  

So, this was 2 months-ish ago, Beto blew up the debates, the news...  and he disappeared, as he should have.   This discussion linked below is very good, very on-point, but it's all been eclipsed by the recent news of Impeachment, etc...

Haven't heard too much shiit from Mad-Maxine Waters recently, either.  Guess she figured she better shut the fuk up.  Cool with me.  :thumbup:

Check this one out, but keep in mind, this was "news" 2 months ago - but it's very, very pertinent in the future...  


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Made it to 12 minutes


Personally, I'd expect more people to tow the line and jackboot their fellow mans throat at the request of their masters.


Why, power for one, security for another, if someone has a home, career, family, possessions they'll be apt to safeguard those first,


if they have nothing they'll be ore apt to go for the patriot underground


all  conjecture of course, recipe for civil war 



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36 minutes ago, Robert@FULL30 said:

Made it to 12 minutes

Right after 12 minutes, they get into exactly that, and it becomes more interesting...   Never be a quitter, brother...  Never end the fight...  Stick in there until the end...  :lmao::bitchslap:

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79% of virginia has gone to 2a sanctuary counties. The politicians are shooting themselves in the foot by continuing to push the laws and then threaten law enforcement with prosecution if they dont enforce those unconstitutional laws. They are either that dumb or want their state to burn/fall appart.

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There will always be that percentage of d1ckheads that do what they are told without question, even when they know it is wrong. But the good majority of officers are against gun restrictions and will stand against them. 

I just wish the federal government would jump in and say, "no you guys cant do that because it is unconstitutional." But i dont see that happening. Until the federal government stands up and defends the rights of the constitution from state laws, we will continue to have problems with state govenments trying to put in place more restrctions. 

At least you see people and communities fighting back in some way by declaring themselves sanctuary counties. I dont think we some california and a couple other states fight back at all while the state government restricted magazine size, buttstock styles, and other stupid laws. So it is a start with the sanctuary counties.

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Here is a copy of an email I sent to my State Senator the last time Ohio was talking about initiating some sort of gun legislation:



To all my elected Officials.  I oppose any sort of gun legislation, and so does everyone that I know here in Ohio.  We are all law abiding citizens, hard workers, property owners and are not on any sort of Government assistance.  All of us own guns, hunt, fish and take off our hats when the flag is raised.  We will NEVER shoot anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances who does NOT need to be shot.


You can also rest assured that if our Country is ever invaded, that we will fight to the death to defend it.  If you take away our guns, we'll have to throw rocks and spears instead, so it will be much harder for us, but we will still fight to defend our Country our last breath.


Taking guns away from hard working property owning American citizen’s just leaves us open to attack from all the "bottom feeders" in our society.


On a personal note.  When the day comes where the Government sends folks to take away my guns, you can have them, BUT, they will have to pry them from my cold-dead fingertips!


Thanks for listening......Cliff

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I would love to see it attempted. How long could those who would pass and support this trash last with only a few of their LE still employed. “Quick, call the cops...those crackheads are camped out in front of our house again....oh, wait...”. 

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I am wondering if poop is going to get real in my lifetime. How would a second revolution or civil war work? Democrats have money but republicans got guns and more people that can handle themselves. Wonder if they would bring in aid from some communist country.

Might end up like Red Dawn... *rides the bolt forward on the gun conveniently next to me*


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