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Fort Smith TUI Ammo


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9 hours ago, unforgiven said:

Went to the LGS to ship a rifle they had a small group of boxes. They wanted $60.00 for a box of 20 9mm HP. Fukin Shoot point blank hits you for $75.00 per 4473.

You sayin' that the gun store makes you 4473 ammo?!...   And they charge you $75?!...   That's robbery.  I never pay a transfer fee with GP John.  Ever.  But, I don't charge him for DRUM BRAKES on a 2013 Honda Civic, either, or installing race cams in his YXZ-1000...   :laffs:

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12 minutes ago, unforgiven said:

No for firearm transfers. Ammo is a nothing just have to find it for regular prices. Thinning out the box so Midas not stuck selling it for a fair price. Sold a couple of 15's and ammo for what normal was for a good brother 🍺🍺🇺🇸

Well hell I feel neglected.... jk, good for you. We need to help each other now more than ever

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16 hours ago, DNP said:

I’m gonna need an interpreter to help with this one.  Anyone speak retiree?


Old retired codgers language to older retired codgers  language

Translate: FORT SMITH ==== Fort SCOTT ?

I really do feel like an older retired codger , today is my youngest son's 58th birthday. (The one that did 4 years in the USMC and then 20 in the US Army before being medically retired.) Yep, I am proud of him!


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