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Aero Precision

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We are going to need much more detail to make recommendations. 

What parts do you have currently?

What caliber are you looking for?

Any preference on length/profile?

What's your budget?

That should get it started.  Others will likely have more questions.

Also, stop by and start an intro thread to let us know about yourself.


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Sorry and i will do an introduction after I answer this, I have an Aero Precision Upper and lower M5, I also have a BCG and bolt(308) and charging handle. I'm trying to get a 18-24" barrel and a 15" handguard but unable to locate any. I really don't have a budget and would like to get a proof research or Christenson Arms barrel or a comparable one for accuracy, also any tips on what trigger is the easiest to install? I'm not opposed to 6.5  Creed more just unable to get bolt.  Thanks for your time!

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For a hand guard, SLR Rifleworks has quite a few options in high and low profiles and fairly good availability last time I looked. Their stuff isn’t cheap but the quality is top shelf. I used the high profile 15” M-Lok Helix version on my .308 build, I like how their barrel nut doesn’t have to be indexed to accommodate the gas tube and the mounting system is very simple but solid. It’s nice looking too if that’s a concern. 


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Not so. Armalite and DPMS are different threads. The upper receiver dictates the nut you need, but it also has to work with the guards, so you need a guard that comes with a nut specific to your receiver. And then make sure you have the right height profile for the rail. Ever wonder why so many things get screwed up by manufacturers labeling anything “308” as an AR10?  Guys might seem like they’re being A-holes on here when they jump on that...but believe me there’s a reason for trying to educate the masses. Wish the companies would listen. It would save folks a lot of headache and heartburn. 

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7 hours ago, harriscal@yahoo.com said:

if i need a dpms pattern barrel, I assume i need a dpms barrel nut as well

Check these guys for barrels.  You might need to call on the phone and see what's available.


You'll need a "DPMS High Profile" handguard.  Make sure you buy the barrel nut with it, it it doesn't state that it comes with the barrel nut. 

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55 minutes ago, harriscal@yahoo.com said:

any advice on easiest trigger drop in?

It might not be as easy an install as the cartridge type triggers but the LaRue MBT trigger is not hard to put in and about the best bang for the buck on aftermarket triggers, they are real popular around here.


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