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UFC 261 tonight - WOW!!!


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Lots of great card fights tonight, but the big news was Chris Weidman fighting Uriah Hall.  17 seconds into Round 1 was Weidman throwing a low kick and Hall raised his knee a little to block it.  First and ONLY contact in the fight.  It was called, IMMEDIATELY.

Chris Weidman breaks a leg at UFC 261

Chris Weidman 'Anderson Silva'd' Himself At UFC 261

You HEARD both "cracks", too - Tib and Fib - almost simultaneously.  It was wicked to see/hear. 

Anderson Silva fought Weidman 8 years ago, and broke his leg when he kicked Weidman.  Weird how things work, I'lll tall ya.  Here was that fight:

UFC 168: Chris Weidman wins via TKO after Anderson Silva breaks leg -  CBSSports.com

Next best fight was Thug Rose Namajunas, winning her belt back.  She fucked that Chinese title-belt-holding girl UP at 1:18 into the first round!

MMA: UFC 261-Weili vs Namajunas



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That's minor.  For normal people, set the bones, get a cast, it's a lower extremity, so it takes longer to heal (that's a blood-flow thing, and age doesn't help, either). For a Pro Athlete like that, he got rodded and pinned today, and he'll be back in action in no time.

If it woulda been a finger toe, all fucked up with a bone sticking out, I woulda barfed.

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I will tell you right effing now Pinch those barbs they slide out real easy nothing worse than a barbed hook when it is embedded in your own hand and you are alone... I love Rose N I have always had a thing for her she is much hotter with hair...

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18 hours ago, shepp said:

@98Z5V you watching tonight??

Didn't watch last night - went out in the desert and set up targets, then camped it.  Shot this morning.  Well, blasted that 450 last night, but did the serious shooting this morning.  Got that 18" 6 ARC dialed in on the Hornady Black 105gr HPBTs,and got all the good data to make dope charts for next weekend. 

P.S.   WTF is going on with that FOOT?!!?   :thefinger:

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