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Bore Scopes-Teslong, Depstech etc.

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4 minutes ago, shooterrex said:

I can't get mine to work w/my phone or Chromebook. Tried several different apps. Did get the LED's to light up but that's all. Some apps say my phone will work w/the camera some say no.

You try the Teslong app? Both the Teslong & the Depstech will work with it.

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On 7/18/2021 at 12:12 PM, DustBuster said:

 I’d have to take the ejectors out and somehow make sure the brass stayed tight to bolt face.  Not worth the trouble.

Even if you did this; I think you still need to suck and blow. Pull and pop, etc. You would need to be able to know what the cartridge can do inside that realm as well.

If you suck; the cartridge is pulled back towards the bolt. Then you want to know what is the distance of the case neck to the edge there? If you blow; you should be similar to ejector pressure and up against the shoulder, much like the distance you could already measure or estimate. Or at least look at with the borescope. Here I would be worried that ignoring the suck; holding in the extractor would give you a floppy fit and not really "know" what the distance to the bolt face is against the cartridge. You certainly don't want to use glue to tape as that adds thickness. 

Yep; that's a lot of effort. But it might be a useful set of tests in some circumstances. 

There are a set of .308 headspace gauges floating around in the ether. If you had a significant need for them; you might be able to ask someone to mail them to you. 

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 will turn that comment around on you, Lane, be very careful!  I’m not a sucker  or a blower, but I think I catch that drift.

Yep.  When I first installed my barrel, I went the safe route and rented the headspace gauges, for the bolt I currently use.  The go went and the no-go didn’t.  I felt very satisfied.  For the heck of it I took some calipers and measured the overall length difference of the two gauges, even though the tips are not the datum points.

The difference was .003”. Headspace was good.  The new bolt may be tighter, and I might try to use a ramrod with a brush and run it into the brass to simulate “blowing”

I have no problem with running my stick into the proper openings!  Anyway, before I use this new Sharps BCG with a new barrel  I will be for sure getting some more gauges for headspace. Either 6.5 creed or 7mm-08.  If I can get my ramrod temp check to tell me that the brass can move exactly .003”, I might be tempted to try this new bolt out with my confirmed good Barrel extension without re-renting .308 gauges.  After two rentals I would have been better off just buying them. Anyway, I understand what you were saying...thanks Lane.

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After cleaning my barrel well with some Hoppes #9 bench rest copper remover, I shot today about 40 rounds.  I will use the good ol depstech to see if I see a bunch of new copper buildup.  I never broke in this barrel very good, and maybe the copper keeps clogging up the unsmoothed imperfections. I seem to remember seeing the copper upon first use of the bore scope, being more near the gas port area than anywhere else.  I think I will check now, what the heck.  I’ll post a small movie of what I see.

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