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Murphy never fails


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Wouldn't it just be nice for Murphy's Law to not apply just once?

I worked a ton of overtime lately, lived a very meager lifestyle for a few weeks, and managed to save up a nice little stockpile for holidays and a little gun fun :auto: ...

My transmission took a dookie on me yesterday <nutkick> ...

This isn't going to be a cheap fix. FML!!! >:(

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Are transmissions ever cheap fixes?

My last transmission problem was a 1996 Chevy 1500.  Only slipped occasionally.  Took the transmission shop 2 days to duplicate it before they believed me.  Cracked the pump on one side.  Had to replace that and a ton of other crap too.  Thankfully still under warranty at the time.

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Are transmissions ever cheap fixes?

Manuals can be, most of the time.  Autos - never. 

Robo, what are you driving, that took the dump?  Make, model, etc.  I'll find out what trans it is, and give you some recommendations based on that.  Heat kills Autos, and stock autos suck - unless you make some improvements to them. 

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...I'm wrestling with a van that's skipping and bucking myself..glad it's our spare vehicle so I can take time to fix it myself...

hobbes, please tell me your van is a Dodge van with the 318 engine...  I can help you more than you know, if that's the case.  Engine, Trans, whatever - I can help with that.  <thumbsup>

On the other hand, if you have Ford minivan, you're just about fugged.  Those things are crap-magnets, and about the only thing that can help with that is an unknowing dealer that accepts it in trade.  <dontknow> <laughs>

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That whole ethanol thing is a ripoff fuel around here Northwest Indiana with BP refinery in area is not much cheaper and you wind up use more doesn't have the explosive power in cylinder like gas and I wouldn't doubt more is added than reported to cut the gas,now being reported meat going up because of ethanol[though price increases need no excuses as you see the game is same price in many cases but quantity less 14ozs. instead of the usual 16oz. etc,etc,.Shoot on bro.

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Add another blue oval ranger with a Ranger.  <thumbsup>

Of everything I've owned (and I've owned more vehicles than probably most of my neighbors combined), Dodge and Ford have been the best for offroad.  Just like the Ford a bit more, as I've not had to rebuild any of their engines.

And they like to start.  Ask my '59 F-100 that started itself up.


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