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Gas piston system for Aero Precision builds?


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Hi Throck,


This won't be enormously helpful but I have also had some interest in building piston driven 308 AR.  I have one piston (5.56) AR already (an LWRC) and it does in fact run pretty clean in the upper.  That was reason enough for me to be interested.

I've not seem too many options for 308 though, not that didn't mean buying a complete upper assembly anyway or in a couple of cases, having to buy the whole rifle even -- I guess because these are all proprietary and they won't guarantee parts compatibility and in some cases not even upper/lower compatibillity.  And  then having to wait an indeterminate period of time.....

I did talk to someone who builds AR's completely from scratch, even their own barrels etc and their opinion was interesting, may be worth throwing into the hopper - this person said they only build piston AR's for CQB type builds, ie 16" and shorter barrels -- and not for precision 308 AR's because the piston setup WILL have an effect on barrel harmonics.  I am sure there are as many opinions on that as there are ( * )'s participating in the conversation (lol) -- but I know this guy knows what he's doing.

Anyway, I did also have occasion to talk to Superlative Arms, this was several months ago now, probably April or so and I asked them if they might by chance be working on a 308 piston conversion kits - ie, custom BCG, piston rod assy etc.  They ARE.  Back then he said it would probably be about a year before they had anything ready to go to market, the work on new stuff has been slowed greatly by the overwhelming demand for their other products.  But he said they have been working on it and expect to have something out there.


Adams Arms apparently had DPMS 308 pattern uppers several years back but they didn't seem to stay on market.  They have soemthing now but it is for the new DPMS Gen2 or whatever they are calling the "small frame" 308.  (no thanks)

I know, probably not real helpful.... I guess I am a bit surprised there havent' been more things put out there.  Especially for DPMS pattern.  *SHRUG*



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8 hours ago, Throck said:

Why not?  🙂

Ok, I'll pile on here :laffs:

What little experience I have with large frame piston AR's comes from a Sig P716, 12.5 inch "pistol". I have built a DI version using the exact same barrel and bolt, forget the fact that the Sig is a jam-o-matic, some day I will dig in and make it run since Sig can't., leave that aside, the DI version is just so much smoother to shoot, feels lighter because it is by near 15-20% if I remember correctly, and weight off the right place, miles better handling weapon. Everyone talks about the heat benefit of the piston but when I pushed the 716 it got hot, There may be a little difference in the amount of crud in the action but even without a suppressor it still got dirty, with there isn't much difference for me at all.

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Yeah, I'll add in also. I've got a 12" POF P308 SBR and it's never really impressed me. I bought it, years ago, for the same reason as others, thinking that pistons would be superior to the standard DI system. I mean, it's still a nice little rifle. But I don't see any advantage over my Armalilte AR-10 12.5" SBR. The AR-10 shoots smoother also and is slightly lighter in the nose (obviously).

The DI vs Piston debate is similar to the Ford vs Chevy debate. It'll come down to personal preference.

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18 hours ago, Throck said:

Why not?  🙂

It certainly will keep your chamber cleaner if you're running suppressed, and you'll get less suppressor-gas in your face.  Brass from a DI suppressed gun is hard to clean, if you reload.  It's not impossible to get it clean, but it does add to the prep time. 

I'll give a piston system that, for sure.   :thumbup:

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33 minutes ago, Throck said:

Did you try an adjustable gas block?

It's a piston gun, have tried several different types of ammo at different gas adjustments and it won't work. should have sent the POS back to the factory but i never did. This is  another piston gun Ruger 7.62. while it works it's not very accurate. I don't shoot either of them anymore. they weigh a ton and are a pain to clean up compared to the DI rifles.





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