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ISSC OMNI M22 pistol


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This one is for @Microgunner - thinking about you the whole way through this one, brother Ernie, when I first laid eyes on it.  :hail:

@JBMatt brought this little monster out to a shoot, suppressed, and it's a cool little "almost-Glock" .22LR semi, and bad to the bone. 

Once we shot that out there, I had Gun Pusher John take a pic of both sides of the slide, to get all the details, and the instruction was simple... "John, GET me one, somehow, find a distributor..."  :laffs:

Well, John called last week and told me it was in - out of the blue, of course, because this shoot-session where I demanded it was MONTHS ago....  :lmao:

This is a bad little .22LR semi pistol, that's got the Glock grip angle, and runs really nice, from what I've shot of Matt's gun.  I'll run this little bastard in the morning, at least 100 rounds through it.  It's picked up today, in-hand now, already taken apart and appropriately lubed, mag loaded, and ready to go. 





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Shot this little dude this morning - ran like a champ, no issues whatsoever.  Fed it 40gr CCI Standard ammo, and it performed flawlessly.  I only shot 30 rounds, 3 mags full, and it did so well, I didn't waste any more of that precious .22LR ammo.  :laffs:

First mag was at 15 yards on an IPSC plate.  After that, second mag, I started doing my 5-step drill, walking back 5 steps each time and shooting 2.  Went through the mag without a miss, so I guess I got 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 yards, roughly.  3rd mag was just dumping it as fast as I could at 15 yards again.  The little thing never missed once on that big fat plate.  :thumbup:

Solid little .22 pistol, right here.  I recommend it, if you're looking for a little .22, and can find one.

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14 minutes ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

Sweet .22 seems sold out up here but it's made the keep an eye out list

Yeah, I'm seeing that, right now.  Apparently, it's not easy to get, so I don't know what Gun Pusher John did to get it, and he got 2 of them.  I'm looking for magazines for it now, and it looks like FleaBay only, at about $45 each.  Damn!  Everybody that lists the mags for sale is either selling just the guns (OOS), or they really list the actual mags, which are OOS.  Shiit... 

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I've always compared .22LR pistols to my little Walther P22 - that thing just runs.  I'm liking this Omni - but I already text Gun Pusher John, telling him we need to "test" a Sig P322...    :thumbup::lmao:

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