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AAC founder fired


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I was sent this today. I was also told that Kevin Brittingham, the founder of AAC, who sold the company to Freedom group recently, has been fired and was escorted from the property.

It's a fairly long interview, but I found it to be an interesting read.


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There's not too much on the web about this - I think alot of people are trying to keep this quiet.  As of yesterday, and the day before, when you'd Google it up, there were only TWO hits.  It's been kept under wraps pretty well.

This was the very first announcement of it:

Big shakeup at AAC

I’m getting credible reports that Kevin Brittingham was escorted from the premises of Advanced Armament Corporation this morning.

I’m told Freedom Group reps and lawyers were on hand with security guards to lead AAC’s founder out of the building. John Day from Freedom Group is rumored to be the interim president of AAC.

The firing comes as Brittingham is reportedly only partway through the contract he signed when he sold AAC to Freedom Group back in 2009. I don’t think this will end quietly or easily for Remington or their parent company the Freedom Group.

UPDATE: I spoke with AAC’s John Hollister who said, “Kevin is no longer with AAC, but it’s business as usual today.” Hollister didn’t elaborate on any other aspects of the story except to confirm that Mr. John Day is “in the building today.”


Defense Review was the only other site that broke the news.  By today, it has spread much, much more. 

Cerberus and Freedom Group...  they're gonna wish they hadn't done this, once it all shakes out.  <dontknow>

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There are folks that are already refusing to purchase any product made by a Freedom Group/Cerberus corporation.

If we gun owners could form a sort of union, it may prevent these investment companies from ventures into guns/shooting accessories.  Colt/S&W suffered the same fate in the past couple of decades.

If as soon as they purchased said company, their sales plummeted to ZERO, they would soon leave the gun business alone.


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