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Does a blast diffuser work?

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Hope you guys enjoy my video I made. I enjoy metering different things when avalible. 

I never could a video of meter results for any blast diffuser. So I made 2 with different lengths and tested em out. 

I really wanted to try a SUREFIRE WARDEN but I'm not shelling out $300 for a device/diffuser set up. 


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Seeing your vid, you remind me of @Robocop1051...   :lmao:   That's not a bad thing.

Rob, this is an AZ guy here, and...   We have to get you two dudes together sometime on a range...   The mannerisms, energy, verbals...    You guys are long-lost twins, somewhere deep down the line...   :thumbup::laffs:

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On 9/29/2022 at 8:58 PM, sketch said:

Information.. nice vid. 🍻  I've never herd of a sound test from down range before? I have been down range from gunfire,   but what does it meter at range??  The robo is good in this one! 😈

Might have to try it for ya. Set up my phone facing the meter around 100yrds away. Shooting at a target around 10-20yrds away from the meter set up for reference. I bet it would be around 100db unsuppressed 5.56. I honestly have no idea lol.

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1 hour ago, BrianK said:

Aren't they just for the muzzle brake to wear to prevent shooters on the right and left from hog tying the user until they're done shooting and leave? 

Depending on design, they do work.  My favorite combo for years now is a VG6 2-port brake, and add the VG6 CAGE device.  It really works, as designed, to alter the concussion from a brake.  The VG6 brakes are amazing, by themselves.  Add a CAGE, and it's a beautiful combination.

Now, the bad news...   For some reason, VG6 discontinued the CAGE, and it's no longer available.  And THAT SUCKS.

Here's video demo from back in the day, of how it really works...


I probably have 8 or 9 of the VG6 2-port brakes with CAGEs on them.  All kinds of guns.  I'd have to get them all out and count to give you an accurate (no shiit) number, but it's right around there.  Now, I need another CAGE, based on the brake that I recently bought - and couldn't find one anywhere.  Had NO IDEA they killed it, and don't offer it anymore.

So, if anyone has a CAGE sitting around, and doesn't use it -I'll pick it up from you...  :thumbup:

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