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Remember that new CZ I bought? Yea it be broked.

Guest LLArms

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Guest LLArms

Ok so just got off the phone with CZ USA...

Let me start by saying that the only obligation CZ owes to me is a working pistol via warranty - with that said I will say the guy on the other end of the phone was lack-luster and pretty much indifferent to the situation.

I know a lot of people like to embellish these conversations, but this is how it went as best I can remember:

CZ Rep: Hello this is xxx.

TITAN308: Yes, good afternoon. My name is xxx and I purchased a P-07 Duty 9MM one week ago from a large retail store. I took it out to the range this past Saturday and around 60-70 rounds my double action no longer functions at all and about 25% of the time the trigger is not resetting in single action and I have to push the trigger forward.

CZ Rep: Ok, we can fix that. Its under warranty.

*Awkward silence for a few seconds*

TITAN308: Well, this is a brand new pistol are going you going to send a prepaid box out?

CZ Rep: Prepaid postage, yes - we don't send boxes.

TITAN308: Sorry I meant prepaid postage.

*Awkward silence for a few seconds*

TITAN308: Uh - ok - well I am at work and don't have my serial number on me, I guess I need to call back when I have it yea?

CZ Rep: Yes call back when you have the serial number and we will send out the prepaid postage.

TITAN308: Well ok, thank you for your time.

--- End Phone Conversation. ---

Completely monotone.

Completely uncaring. No rapport, no empathy. Just robotic.

No, "I am sorry that happened to you."

No, "That is completely unacceptable for a brand new CZ pistol."

No effort what so ever to re-enforce the CZ USA product quality.

I am not impressed. I probably will not be purchasing another CZ pistol after this one. I don't know if I even want to keep it, if they fix it I was given no re-enforcement it will not happen again, etc etc.

I don't demand free swag, no free magazines, what I would have at least expected was some sort of conversation involving apologies and acknowledgment this is not the regular quality CZ displays.

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Guest LLArms

Well for all I know my pistol will go out and come back in a week and work flawlessly.

I just don't know if I want to carry a weapon when their reps seem to go, "Meh..." when they hear it had a catastrophic failure out the box.

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Really sorry to hear about your experience with cz.  I think I would rather carry a bat at least you would have more reach when you have to swing it.  If it was me I would sell it and buy something else especially if it is an everyday carry gun.

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Guest LLArms

I try not to, but I won't lie - getting dragged through the mud is tolerable up to a point. Especially when the name is tied to my project.  If it was just some random JoeBloe1234 username I wouldn't care.

But do not to hide behind multiple identities. Apparently that is a tactical mistake on my part.  <dontknow> <laughs>

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Guest LLArms
Apology to LLARMS30813

Posted on April 25, 2012 by Robert Farago

As publisher of The Truth About Guns, I apologize to LLARMS30813 for labeling him our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. This was an unfair characterization based on my misinterpretation of his YouTube video. I regret the post and will take more care in the future when analyzing material for this category. To maintain the integrity of this apology I have closed the comments section underneath this post. If any reader wants to comment on my decision, please do so via email: guntruth@me.com.

I applaud Robert for manning up to his mistake and honoring his word.

He did not have to do this - but he did so to keep integrity and this is good.

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