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Once I find the time I have a new project. :)


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That's pretty cool. I say go one step farther......and mount small motors to it. Flip a switch....gun vault opens. How cool is that?

........sorry guys.....can't help myself.....I do commercial automation for a living.

automation - I dabble on the industrial side. Had to battle the boss today. He was horrified to learn that a servo motor I installed in 1999 failed last friday. His horror came at the $3600 price tag for a new one. "Cant you just replace it with a cheap dc motor and drive", "How many horsepower is it .5, .75?" Um it's 3.75 and runs at 5000 rpm 16 hours per day

"Can you use an ac motor and drive" yes if we get a vector motor and drive, re wire the cabinet write a new program.

All that while Im dealing with a rotten cold

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Dude, you're kidding - I'll paint her up like the Easter Bunny, and you KNOW that would be hilarious!!!  <lmao>  "Interesting" would be an understatement!  <laughs>

You must be present, so she doesn't kick my ass.    :bitchslap:<thumbsup>

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Only 13 years and it failed?  <laughs>

This reminds me of when my Grandmother's Kenmore washing machine quit.  She told my Mom "I'll never buy another Kenmore again!"  Mom says "Why not?"  GM said "Because it broke down!"

Mom said "Mamma, you had it for 25 years!"

I bet new ones won't do that.


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