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Sneak Peek - current build


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Never enough FDE, brother, never.  <thumbsup>

The MOE rifle stock is pretty damn nice.  Much more than you'd expect for the money.  It flares along the top like the CTR, so you get a nice cheekweld, there's a good curve at the back that keeps it high in your shoulder, and the storage is pretty damn large - you can fit cleaning rod section in there easily.  Quite surprising on the storage, honestly.  I dig it.  ;D

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I'm not giving out any specifics until it's finished.  Make you suckas WAIT!  <laughs>

Shouldn't be too long, and I'll have final pics up.  JUST missed the damn BCG today - Got the BCM email notification and didn't see it when it came in.  They sent it at 3-something, and when I saw it at 4:15, they were gone already.  I'll figure the BCG out, one way or another.

I may have to enlist the incredible help of MikedaddyH in that one - dude can find parts that nobody else can, and he's got some badass contacts.  <thumbsup>

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Can't remember half the poop my wife tells me...

That right there is some poop I wouldn't put on the net. Just to help I will quote it....now it's out there twice. <thumbsup>  and none of the mod ninja funny stuff now....

Damn Tom.  You really should go with different colors. How do you tell them all apart?  Label maker or something?

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By touch and feel, brother.  Strip them all down and pile up the parts in one big, fat pile.  Got one of those doorway gravity-boot things, so I hang myself upside down, blindfolded, lights out-in the dark, and assemble all the pieces. If they function test afterwards, load them and fire into the upside down bullet trap in the corner of the room.  Good to go. 

Once they all work, get outta the upside down gravity boot thing, and go to bed.

It's a nightly thing.  <thumbsup> :o

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It's a good one, brother - I'll stick some upper on that lower, and shoot it this Sunday.  I've already had another upper on it, to get a feel for it, and I'm liking it.  <thumbsup>  Damn glad I picked it up.

Damn glad Drew got inside MagPul's head!  ;D <thumbsup>

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