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V-TAC Padded 2-Point Sling

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Just got one of these in multicam for Liberty.


Over all I have to say KICK ASS!!  


After initial setup and adjustment, it is quite probably what most people want in a sling.  Pull one strap to tighten the sling, another tab to loosen it.  Very much like a Brownell's Latigo sling but padded.


Only one minor real issue and two little peeves.


When tightening the sling, I run out of adjustment with the pull tab and have to grab the strap and pull it to get it snug for rapid movement (jogging/running).


The peeves are now I'm carrying my shorty .308 all over the house and now I need to paint it multicam.


You sick disease spreadin' bastids!   <lmao>



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I have several of the VTAC Mk1 slings, too - same principal of design, for a 2-point, 1" wide strap (not as comfortable as wider material), and it uses the old-skool army-issue rucksack strap metal adjuster - excellent stuff.  There's nothing bad with any VTAC sling, no matter which model.

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I just got back from 4 days hunting hogs in Texas.  I used this sling for 10 hours each one of those four days on my Mega 308.  If it had any short comings I'd know by now.  Loved the sling.  Comfortable and versatile.


While walking to the grounds I'd sling it up over my shoulder, muzzle up and tighten it.  Once we spotted, I'd bring the rifle back to my chest and keep it tight.  For the stalk I'd loosen it and carry low so I could shoulder quickly.  Worked gread.


Killed 4 hogs and a bobcat.

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I suppose I'll be asked about the equipment.  I'm shooting my Mega Maten 308 with Rainier Ultramatch 18" barrel, JP lightened BCG, Ace stock and DPMS carbon hardguard.  It weighs 8 lbs with no scope.  Optics is a rented ATN ThOR 320 3x.  Sling is the VTac of course.


My buddy is using the outfitters rig.  It's a 6.8 SPC AR-15 with Eotech and PVS-14 night vision scope.

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Oh yea.  I could spot a hot target at 1500 yards.  At 1000 yards I could tell if it was a cow or a pig.  At 500 yards I could tell a coyote from a skunk.  I rented it from themaloutfitters.com.  Flew into Dallas, met him outside the airport and picked up the equipment.  It worked perfectly.  The 320 3x cost $300 for the weekend.  Worth every penny.

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