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Subwofer2 Reporting In


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I originally located my “membership card” to this forum a few days ago on snipershide and then minutes later on AR15 too.  After a bit of looking at the sellers old posts about this weapon system I was lead here where I found the ad again, only I’m happy to report the thread is marked sold because I’m the buyer! 


I have never even handled an AR in 308 but I am a weapons collector of many types and have participated in 1000yd FCSA matches at Alliance, NE.  This is not my first semi .308 but I’m already expecting to be placing a number of items up for sale just as soon as I get home from me current overseas deployment.  I truly believe my new SASS will be filling a precision void I have had and a number of collectibles will be on the out (Yugo M76 in 8mm for example).

I had a nice conversation with the seller before we closed our deal and already have a pet load to try once I acquire some additional gear as I’m not currently setup to reload .308, but in the mean time I’ll be spend some time with family and friends waiting for the market to mellow too.

I look forward to learning from the fellows who have already tried and failed where I’m starting fresh.  My only plans after running a few tests rounds after taking delivery will be to install a Magpul MIAD grip and UBR stock, already on hand for a 556 build I’m happy to step away from.

Thanks in advance to the Mods, management and all the members,


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Thanks everyone!  It is truly and honor to be serving my country.  This is only my third overseas deployment and my fifth overall.


I'm terrible excited about this weapon system.  I have high hopes this will be my second most accurate rifle.  As time goes on I will share more about my collection, which I for the first time am truly considering over hauling.  I have a very capable weapon I use for the matches, it gets the most attention at the moment and because the projectiles can carry a payload she is not anywhere near the "potential sale column".  As for the others, a third are mil-surp, 2/3’s of the rest are mainly com-block semi-autos or ARs and the remainder are smaller caliber plinkers.   


I’m not one to sell anything, not exactly a hoarder but when I see a good deal for something I’ve wanted I have trouble stopping myself.  Since I left home I have purchased more than one “toy”.  My wife is wonderful but she is also not in the least bit interested in my hobby and love for anything involving shooting.  We were forced to delay out celebration for our 10th anniversary when I’ve been away.  I’m making up for this by treating her, our daughter and my mother-in-law to a trip to Boston (all travel arrangements finalized Thursday before the bombing of the race).

A year ago I was a serious collector, if I was able to seal a deal on the field gear to go with a collectible bang stick I would order said item.  I’m running out of space and funds fast.  I’m going to set a goal to thin the herd 50% by the end of summer.  This will include extra gear and the funds will be going back into the house/family.  The addition of the LRT SASS was a third of what I have shelled out for fun stuff since October, a fair amount considering my income.

So, here I am spilling my mind for some new friends.  As for mods, I’m already planning to install the UBR and a MIAD grip in my favorite color, OD green.  I also purchased a Geissele SSA-E trigger for the AR build I was working on, but this SASS has replaced the Noveske upper I was considering.  Now I’m going to be considering .308 dies, trimmer, crimp die, large rifle primers, Varget and 175gr SMKs so I can try out the previous owner’s pet load.

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