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Fairy tales 321 f@&$


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Ok I'm the tooth fairy but gents I have two girls sooo, I'm a ninja my older girl knocks out my younger girls tooth!!! Yes I don't have to get bit pulling it out and she gets 5 bucks and a black eye! Wait it was a accident for sure. The big one doesn't lie yet and s happens.

Here's the hard part my oldest ( bunk beds) sleeps like her dad ( ninja hahaha) hour one I try to crack the door.... Damn door is tight ( I built the house you bet it's tight and right) and I here hey?!! Too early. Come back 45 min later cracked the door and bail! Minor rustling. Come back in 30 and all black get past the door refigure the shadow of night light ( not the boogie man / ninja) and proceed to the floor ( crack pop!!) goes the bones.... Hold russll russll the big one sputters "yea no.. Snore" at this point I'm ready to choke on the money to not die laughing!!! Wait it gets better. The tooth fairy package was on the floor no where near the pillow (3ft) past ninja crawl!!!! Ok tooth fairy still good to go!!!

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My kid is 21 years old and for the last two years (since he left college and got a job) I've been thinking that he is finally to where he won't cost me money. Now that he's in the Marines you would think so even more. NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how much money I've spent visiting that kid at 3 different bases over the span of 8 months, and now that he's in Okinawa for 2 years you would think I will finally get a break. My wife wants to go visit him while he's there in Oki. You guys know how much it costs to fly to Japan?!!! :ugone2far: Sumbitch! I'm gonna have to raid the wife's retirement fund. We really need a beating your head against the wall emoticon. :ifly:


Yeah, I remember the tooth fairy days. Things were CHEAP back then!

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<lmao>  <laughs> It doesn't end brother.Lovin you'r kids.....priceless. :wacko:  :hethan:

Yeah well, his big brother owes me a little over $200 for parts I got for his Harley (my old one that was passed on to him) and told me to go ahead and get a back tire for him and he will pay me for it. NOT until he pays for the stuff he already owes me for, and I got the bike in my garage holding it for ransom! :sign10:

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my kids (17,9,5) all sleep like the dead. Literally the house fire alarms have gone off while they are sleeping (with one in each room and them linked so there was one in their bedroom) and none of them woke up. I hear a cricket getting too feisty and i'm up....

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Five bucks for a tooth?? The times are a changin. <lmao>  <laughs>

We use to get a quarter :o , my ninja days are yet to come <thumbsup>


Wow, that's like 50% off! I'll definitely look into that. Thanks Jon! The wife might get to retire eventually after all! <lmao>

Hemi, you're getting off lite. This is what its going to cost me to send my wife & 3yr. old son to the Philippines. That's booking 6 months in advance through Orbitz :ifly:


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