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Great Range Day!


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Went out to babysit a club member, shot an XDM .45 4.5 while watching him.


ZERO wind…smoke from gunpowder and burning lube just hung in the air.  Very good low visibility practice.


Then, after he left, ran a hundred and twenty rounds through Liberty of the PPU 175gr.  Lost one primer, couldn't find it but had two FTFire afterwards.  Need to take her down and find where it went…this time.


Reloaded empty mags (somehow turned into seven), refilled the go-bag, and have one box of the 1,000 round of PPU left.


Going to start my .308 HEAVY experiments soon!  


So who knows what this design in the sand is from?




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Manly huh? Stand directly beside me then when I'm shooting one of the 10's with an AAC brake on it. We'll see....................

Sometimes I "almost" feel sorry for guys on either side of me at the range. Hey.....I said almost.


I used to shoot with the Bennie Cooley brake at the range, and when I'd pick my head up off the rifle at the end of my firing string, there'd be about 8 - 10 guys down the rest of the firing line all glaring at me and putting loose gear back on their benches....  <outtahere>

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Lost primers, even you don't see them in there , seem to find a way to screw things up . I had one once that feed into the chamber with a cartridge, took a bit to get it out . Would not want that to happen in a fire fight , that's for sure.


Prior to yesterday, I've had one get in the trigger group and foul things up and another that got in the barrel locking lugs, which wouldn't let the bolt close.


Found a place describing how to stake the primers…gonna give that a try when reloading these.



you dropped trou and sat down in the sand? :) Wash


That probably is what the shockwave would look like!

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So it's not a blast from a muzzle ?


Yes…but not a brake.  The stock LAR-8 Vortex flash hider.


If you look at the photo closely, it appears that there are two relatively straight lines that follow the cuts in the hider.


Dug out the fired primer (that popped out of the Pervy Prtizen case) from the trigger group this afternoon.  There was just enough room in the lower receiver for the primer to move a bit.  One way, it got under that front trigger flange, another it would keep the hammer from travelling all the way forward and firing.


As you can see from the photos, I had to remove the hammer to get the primer out.  Tried shaking it out to no avail.


This happening in a firefight would suck beyond all suckiness.



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