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Opinions on the FN PS90


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A buddy recently brought a good deal to my attention that I might take in the Spring.  What are your opinions on the FN PS90? I would be able to get it for a hair over 1k and at least 250 rounds at about .50 cents per when it's all said and done.  This is not a bad deal from what I understand about the weapon.  I'd love to hear from those that have any time with one on a range. However, it's still over a grand and I don't want to blow money just because I'll be able to get it at a good price when I have at least two more builds on the horizon. 


Thank you

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If you are just looking for a "fun gun". That's about what it's good for.

Personally, I would suggest the AR57 over the P90. All the fun, on a better format firearm. When you're tired of it, you have a larger audience to sell it to.

My CoP wanted me to order one for the Dept. I talked him out of it due to the ballistics.

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Same as above in my experience. They are a fun little toy and nothing more to me. That's a decent price for one if its in great shape but I'd see if you can get him to include the ammo in the deal. I've seen a few used ones go in the $900 range down here.


On the whole I am personally not a fan of the caliber in a carbine sized weapon. There are much better options in that size range especially when not an SBR.

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I've played with a couple and I liked them, but not well enough to buy one.

They're short, light and fast handling.

It's an FN product so you know it's probably well made.

They're fun to shoot and if you want a pistol caliber carbine then why not.

I own an example of it's big brother, the FS2000, and although it's crazy complicated it's been absolutly reliable.

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I had hands on several PS90's , nice toys but not practical. I almost bought an AR57 upper on two occasions , it is a cool toy also. Ever think about a Bullpup !

This is a very good point,(IMO)the tavor is a Better gun w/ ammo options and the tavor's price is about 4-500 dollars more. Price pending on market of buyer.

I have had hands on with both firearms, the ps90 is a fun gun to shoot and the 50 rd magazines are an awesome standard feature for that platform, but the ammo availability would be a deal killer for me. Not enough ass for the price.

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Thanks guys, a lot of good advise.  The PS90 is definitely a niche firearm, it seems...


I've never even fired a bullpup so I am curious about a few of the options that are available for that platform. I've heard a mixture of good and bad from most. I think a large portion of the negatives come from people that are enamored with AR-15s but for good reason :) I've been eyeballing the TAR but have only read an article here and there on it.  I'd like at least one bullpup for the collection

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The TAR-21 is especially nice for the quick swap caliber. Go from 5.56x45 to 5.45x39 to 7.62x39 to ??? Lots of gun for one system.

As for the 5.7x28, there's rumor of a blow back version coming out that uses special magazines. If that's the case, I'll likely grab the kit for a lightweight pistol... especially if it fits a standard lower. The only initial downside I see is that CMMG is heading the project.

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Bullpups are cool toys and do have a niche as CQB weapons.

Pluses : short total length

Negetives : triggers suck and reload of mags is ackward.

A guy 4 miles from me makes the very best custom 308's period,end of story ,I will get pics.

Ya definitely post some pics when you get around to it. I'd love to take a look at what he does.  The funny thing is how much you learn about parts when you start building and that will often make you a snob for buying many whole rifles.  I pick apart most that I see now and there are only a few that I'd still invest in...I'd just rather build my own.  A buddy just had a scar delivered so I'm looking forward to shooting something a little different when I can get to the range with his new toy.

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A friend of mine has the PS90, and orders the ammo on the cheap when he finds multi-cases of it, and some other guys at work split the cost for their 5.7s feeding frenzy. Great fun to shoot, the number of rounds you can carry with the weight advant. is insane.


I had an FS2000 TAC and loved it. Wish I'd never sold it, but the M4s just fit me better. I know it might sound weird but for the bigger guys out here, the FS2000 is almost too small ergos-wise, for making quick shots. We're talking yoga so I could fold myself up into a decent shoot position, and then I'd lose my bigger picture vision, of downrange.   

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Even my ripoff LGS sells 5.7 for $22 a box (50 round boxes). That's a fair price for factory ammo. They had a full shelf.

If I were a smart man I'd be shooting 5.7x28, 17HMR, and .270... since those are the only three I ever see in stock.

Those 17HMRs are in high demand and short supply here in Florida since it's legal to hunt hogs on private property with rimfires here.Very popular round in Florida.

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