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Ebay milspec tube ???!


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NO NO NO for petes sake NO the only problem I ever had with an ar ever since 92 was because I bought that freakin buffer tube off of ebay........the third 6.8 I built this last summer had it in there and my piece would short stroke.....drove me crazy...tore the rifle down more times than i can count....traded parts till there was nothing left to swap.....only thing left was the buffer tube......it was not correct on the inside dimension causing all my problems......go ask the folks that bought my old home about the hole in the garage wall where a carrier got lodged in the sheet rock :) Washguy

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If you're looking for cheap things that don't matter... or batteries... eBay is the place.

I have to admit. I do keep my eyes open for rare auctions. Usually it's when someone mislabels their item. I recently scored a Bushnell AR 2-7x for $60.

I used to buy airsoft parts off ebay. China always has the coolest shyte!

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Ebay works fine but you have to do your homework on the item and the seller, like you're doing here. With the recent craze prices on quality stuff have gotten silly but a few years back I was grabbing lots of good used kit for cheap. 

A few of my best grabs; Bushnell elite 4200 scope $210 new in the box, Surefire millennium weapons light kit $120 complete like new condition, an Armalite scope mount for $25, a FF tube, nut, and grip from an Armalite 10T $12. I've bought a few poor quality chinese parts for my nephews airsoft so it all has its place.

  I'll have to admit I spent a ton of time on ebay as a seller myself. I've sold roughly 10,000 antique tools since about 2003. It does take time to sort the wheat from the chaff!

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Buy the cheapest firearms parts you can.  From whatever source you can.








Don't come back in here telling us what problems you're having with them, and expect us to know anything about them, or how to diagnose those problems.  We won't know what to tell you, not in the least.





It's a firearm, man.  The single worst thing it can do to you - even if youre only building a range toy that you never expect to employ in ANY other situation - is blow up in your face.  That's pretty bad.


If you expect it to do double-duty, i.e., range toy, and I might need it to protect my house, property, and family...  Wouldn't it suck if that thing let you down when you needed it to work?...  That's more than "pretty bad."  That's "worse..."




Don't go cheap on firearms parts.  Of course, look for deals, and find the QUALITY part that you need, for the least price...



But, ONLY from reputable firearms/firearms parts vendors.  FleaBay is NOT that.



Literally, your life is YOUR hands over this, so take whatever appropriate spending actions you need to.  It is entirely YOUR call.





P.S.  I'm not kidding about the diagnosing thing - when people have problems here, we specifically ask them what they built, in order to properly figure out what's going on with their boomsticks.  That includes "what parts from what vendors," routinely.  Don't be surprised when you list a bunch of from "ladiesman217" and you get some pretty nasty replies.  I'm just sayin'...  <lmao>

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Brother, you're good in buying without research first - just make sure it's something coming from a reputable firearms vendor.  That's common.





Just don't put ANY stock in FleaBay reviews, whatsoever.  Don't base a single purchase on something that someone says in there - you have NO idea what their background is, if they even have a background in what they're speaking.  "Most badass rail I ever used!"  FIRST rail dude has ever used, on the FIRST rifle he's ever had - and he bought that POS from his buddy that doesn't really like him, but still made a buck...


You buy from a reputable vendor, and you'll get quality parts.  You buy from a reputable vendor, and at least you've got some recourse.  Feedback on a reputable vendor's site is coming from people that (mostly) have some time in this arena, in this rodeo.  If there's a schit part out there that someone's selling, they'll get called on it, on the reputable sites. 


I'm just sayin'...  <thumbsup>

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I'm always available for the over-offering of advice...  <lmao>


I just don't wanna see anybody get burned on some stuff down the road.  It sucks, at best, but could be skeery, at worst.  We've all taken chances on stuff that might or might not work, but don't let money be the deciding factor.  It's the same in anything that could fall into the "high risk" category.  <thumbsup>

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If you need to wait a check or two for quality do so. Its worth it. Buy once and youll be happy. Is a couple bucks worth finding out you dont like it and end up having to buy all over? Ive done it again and again. Ive decided no more. The internet is your friend. Read read read. The deals come and go so keep an eye out. In the end you will be very happy with your rifle.

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