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Chilly here in IN!

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Hey its 3am...had to get up and make sure the pipes are okay :binkybaby:  its almost 33 tonite    Wash


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Sisco I guess that means warm weather is on the way for us over on da other side of da lake hey.

Life in the Northwoods been pretty quiet since they picked up those two local terrorists, Yassir Ubetcha, and Ole Bin Loggin.

And you thought "Fargo" was just a movie? I thought it was a documentary.

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Feral hogs are not a problem up here. We got guys lined up a million deep waiting for a crack at em. Seriously until they (states affected) open there lands to removal of them, they will be a problem. I continue to hear various stories about this farmer or that farmer having problems down south , but when you call and ask when you can help them out they always say the same thing they want so much per head to take them off there land . Well it can't be to bad if they would rather keep them than give them away. I say good luck with that. I don't think any of the states up here will have a problem with feral hogs. the bears ,bobcat, wolves, cougars and coyotes get pretty hungry in the winter. Can't imagine the pigs making much headway in 24" deep snow, the predators would tear them up. I have seen footage of what the northern pack in our state did to the elk in the area toward the end of winter last year . They where just killing them one after another in a frenzy. A pig would be like Famous Rays on four legs.

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