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1858 Army/Navy new by Uberti


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I didn't know this until recently. A pistol such as this one can be had with no registration required, at least the state of California. No 10 day waiting period and no red tape bs or anything because it is a black powder gun. Of course I always knew what these are and how they work but I didn't know that they don't fall under the laws which bind metallic cartridge firearms.


Why would I want to have pistol that must be stuffed in the cylinders with a charge and ignited with percussion caps? I wasn't really interested but I do think they are pretty cool. But I did not know they make conversion cylinder kits which turn these revolvers into metallic cartridge firing revolvers. a 1858 army or Navy in .44 can be converted to fire .45 LC metallic cartridge. A .36 is converted to fire .38 special. The 1857 Walker .44 can be converted to fire .44 magnum metallics.

I'm positive many of you were aware of this. For those of you who didn't, now you do. It can be kitted up for 8 or 900 I think. Pricey but there it is.

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