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understanding the wifle


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When a man says, "I DO" he inherits the most fearsome weapon he will ever have. The Wifle. In fact, the wifle is so fierce it can and will even turn on him from time to time.


There are 3 basic types of wifle.


* The automatic wifle strikes in rapid, unrelenting succession should you offend her.


* The assault wifle will hunt you down, bust in and overwhelm you if you try anything sneaky.


* The high-powered wifle will knock you down if you pull anything.


So do well to respect and care for this formidable weapon of yours whichever one you have.

Edited by MaDuce
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You forgot to mention the fourth kind ... EX-WIFE.

Blood thristy vemonious treachores backstabbing lawyer hiring money grubbing cheating theif who's only goal is to inflect as much pain and suffering on to you as possible.


 Sounds to me like a wifle that had a catestrophic failure.

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/\/\/\/\ Holy crap dude!   <laughs>  <lmao> 


That's the funniest thing you've ever said on here!

I almost posted the exact same thing when he started the wifle thing in the other thread...but this one definitely is a winner. Not bad MaDuce, not bad.

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