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Fort Hood Shooting, Unfortunately not a repeat

Armed Eye Doc

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This is from the article.

"The shooter, who has been identified as a solider, 34-year-old Ivan Lopez, is among the dead. Lopez was killed by a self-inflicted wound."

It says he was being evaluated for PTSD. It's sad but the early reports don't indicate terrorism. There was a report about a jihadist recruit who was kicked out when the plot was revealed, but that was a different person.

Here is link to that article.


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^^^  That link is the "recruit."  All that asshead did was sign up for the delayed entry program with a recruiter, and never even shipped to basic training.  He's done, in custody. He WAS/IS a jihadist. 


This guy wasn't a recruit.  His combat time was 4 months in Iraq - which isn't a long time, and it's not a full tour over there.  Never been shot.  Treated for mental health issues (depression, anxiety), but hadn't been diagnosed  with PTSD at this point.  He was going for a PTSD diagnosis, but it wasn't declared yet.

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PTSD was the first thing I thought of. I've now made it a policy that I don't get info on stuff like this on day one or even day two. The blood thirsty dogs known as the liberal media will report anything. Get enough he said she said bullpoopy in everyday life

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Cant find on my phone but wasnt there a breitbart or blaze story just the other day that said FBI was investigating a plot on ft hood and searching for those involved?

What you're talking about was this little $hithead:



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Just potentially being in harms way & not being in combat , can have an effect on some people .


I heard reports he used a S&W 45 , but I watched a news conference with that three star dude & he said, when confronted by the( Female) MP , he pulled a 9mm & popped a cap in his brain bucket , as with anything like this it will take some time to sort out .


They just said ( the three star dude ) that the mission in Iraq of four months , was complete , for his unit . 



He also clarified that the shooter pulled a S&W 45 .

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